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10 Social Media Marketing Examples for Restaurants

10 Social Media Marketing Examples for Restaurants

How Restaurants Benefit From Social Media

The social media has created big an avenue for marketers in all runs, not leaving behind members of the catering industry. Caterers and restaurants have taken the full advantage of social media sites to promote, sell and even expand in these sites. The most commonly uses social sites are Facebook, twitter, Google plus LinkedIn and Instagram. Reasons behind using these sites to promote business are pretty obvious, because they can reach to many people who use social media, and market themselves there. The other reason is because it is cheap and effective. These sites are used for a totally different task on various occasions, and these are some of the ways in which restaurants are benefiting from them.

1. Give Insight on Menu Items, As Well As Promote The Same

Chatting sites like Facebook, Google plus and twitter come in handy for this. Posting the delicious meals on these sites not only attracts customers to the local location, but also invites more to dine there. This is like killing two birds with one stone because, these posts can be seen by millions of people, which act as an advertisement, and insight on services offered at the restaurant.

2. Advertise Special Offers and Use Employees As Representatives

Almost everyone uses social media to communicate with pals everywhere. Restaurants have taken the advantage of this and use employees as their representatives in Facebook and twitter. This helps improve visibility within friends and family, thus creating a larger market base. Using these employees’ accounts, they can spread word about what the restaurant offers, and even advertise special offers in the restaurant through status updates.

3. Collect Orders Online and Find New Employees

You now do not need to call the pizza boy to deliver lunch to you. All you need to do is log into Facebook, twitter or even Google, and then make an order from there. You can do so through their page, and give directions on where the package can be delivered. Foursquare comes in handy for this, as it offers assistance in sharing location for faster delivery. If you want to head to the restaurant yourself, foursquare is available to direct you there.

There are times when work can be overwhelming at times. When this becomes the case, the person in charge can post job advertisements on both Facebook and LinkedIn to find professionals. People seeking for work post their resumes here on LinkedIn, and this makes it easier for the restaurant to call upon them to come for interviews without wasting time.

4. Connect with Bigger Restaurants and Hotels

Through the social media, one restaurant can connect with another in a different location, thus making the marketing circle bigger. It is through this that bigger and innovative business ideas crop up, thus leading to higher profits.

If you too own a restaurant and are wondering how you could market it for increased sales, you can take advantage of social media. All you need to do is create an account for the same, and watch customers stream to your restaurant.

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