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List of 58 Funny Kickball Team Names

Kickball is a sport activity suitable for all ages. Some cities are seeing coed adult sports leagues popup for an average of 10 games and and 10 players. All sorts of self labeled tournamets are held around the United States. This even includes charity based kickball events. If you are thinking of joining your own local kickball league, the following collection of funny kickball team names will help to inspire your creativity.

3 Kicks to the Win
4th Base
Ace of 2nd Base
Bad News Brews
Ball Knockers
Balled As The Ball
Balls N Dolls
Balls to the Wall
Booze on First
Brews On First
Chest Nuts
Club Foot
Don’t Stop Ballieving
Drinkers With A Kicking Problem
Drunk Again & Looking To Score
E=MC Hammered
Faces Loaded
Free Ballers
Fresh Prince of Ball Air
Friends with Benefits
Grass Kickers
Here 4tha Beer
Hot Dogs & Tacos
I Got 99 Problems, But My Kick Ain’t One
I’d Hit It
Kick Balla’s
Kick Tease
Kickin Back
Menance 2 Sobriety
Much Ado About Balls
New Kicks On The Block
Not In the Face
One Kick Wonders
Our Kicks Don’t Lie
Recess Rejects
Recreational Hazard
Red Balls and Vodka
Rubber Busters
Saved by the Ball
Schweddy Balls
Slump Busters
Sons of Pitches
Straight Ballin’
Straight Kickin’ It
Trippin Balls
Urine Trouble
We Do Kickin’ Right
We Got the Runs
What She Said
Where My Pitches At

An estimated 30 million children participate in some form of sports. Kickball is an activity for individuals of all ages. Football is the top sports where injuries occur, followed by Baseball and Soccer. An estimated 28% have been injured alone. More than 60% of these occur during practices rather than at game. The below infographic takes a look at youth sports participating and rate of injuries.

Youth Sports Facts

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