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The Best Times to Buy Everything


As many people know, the prices of things can vary from month-to-month throughout the year. There are certain times that are just better for purchasing certain things and getting the best deal. If you have any upcoming purchases, be sure to check out the infographic offered by Mint.com using information gathered by Lifehacker.com. The infographic has consolidated sweeping research into an easy to follow buyers guide so that you know when the best times for buying are, and they’ve covered a large range of products and purchases that we all need to plan each year.

Broken Down By Quarter

For business purposes, many of us divide the year into four quarters consisting of three months each. If you’d like to know what to buy during each quarter to get the best deals, the buying guide infographic has broken it down very simply.

The First Quarter
Consisting of January, February and March, is best for buying winter clothing and coats, presumably at end-of-winter sales. Wedding supplies are also cheaper during this quarter because it is not a big time for weddings. Because they are not in high demand at this time, air conditions are less expensive now and the installation will be easier to schedule with your service company because they won’t be as busy with seasonal work. Gas grills are also usually on sale during the first quarter since this isn’t a big time for grilling out.

The Second Quarter
Consisting of April, May and June, is a great time for buying electronics, including televisions and digital cameras. Other sales include vacuum cleaners and cookware. Due to the traditional “spring cleaning” that many people do in their homes, this is also a perfect time to visit thrift stores to find deals. This is also the best quarter for buying a new home.

The Third Quarter
July through September is the absolute best time for buying computers. The deals include laptops with all of the hardware (keyboard, monitor and mouse), laptops and tablets.

The Fourth Quarter
Consisting of October, November and December offers buying opportunities for new cars and children’s toys and games. Also, because they are out of season, it’s a great time to buy plants. Similarly to the first quarter, this is a good time to buy wedding supplies, grills and air conditioners. Digital cameras also usually go on sales during this quarter.

Broken Down By Month

January: Best for clothing, broadway tickets and furniture.
February: The time to buy a new TV or cell phone.
March: Great for buying chocolate and golf clubs.
April: The time to shop for sneakers and cruises.
May: A good time to get office furniture or a new mattress.
June: Best for tools and gym memberships.
July: A great time to buy video games and home décor.
August: Best for kids clothing and swimsuits.
September: A great time to shop for appliances and bicycles.
October: A great time to purchase patio furniture and jeans.
November: A good time for candy and electronics.
December: A great time to buy champagne and have a pool put in.

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