48 Funny and Clever Oxymorons

Oxymorons are considered to be statements that contradict themselves. Humor can be found anywhere you look or read and an oxymoron flag waved. Examples of famous oxymorons are ‘Great Depression’ and ‘Act Naturally.’ The following list of funny and clever oxymorons will help to inspire your own search for the next oxymoron to add.

Act naturally
Advanced BASIC
Airline food
Almost exactly
Alone together
American history
Business ethics
Butt head
Clearly misunderstood
Computer jock
Computer security
Definitely maybe
Diet ice cream
Exact estimate
Extinct life
Found missing
Genuine imitation
Good grief
Government organization
Legally drunk
Link to this Page
Living dead
Microsoft Works
Military intelligence
New classic
New York culture
Now, then…
Passive aggression
Peace force
Plastic glasses
Political science
Pretty ugly
Resident alien
Same difference
Sanitary landfill
Silent scream
Small crowd
Soft rock
Software documentation
Sweet sorrow
Synthetic natural gas
Taped live
Temporary tax increase
Terribly pleased
Tight slacks
Twelve-ounce pound cake
Working vacation

The oxymoron of social media has been a trend for quite sometime. While users are concerned about privacy more than ever, they are also putting all of their information on the internet to become easily accessed. Few can protect themselves and 38% of users agree to that fact. The following infographic looks at the trends and sad state of social media privacy.

The Oxymoron of Social Media