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List of 55 Creative Perfume Catchy Slogans and Taglines

A listing of 55 creative perfume slogans. These catchy slogans focus on the aspect of desire and physical appeal.

A woman is an island. Fidji is her perfume.
All a man is.
Always yours.
Are you on the list?
Be impossible to forget.
Beauty never sleeps.
Between love and madness lies obsession.
Born to rule.
Can you resist.
Catch the fever.
Catch the kiss.
Chlorine is my perfume.
Choose your own destiny.
Dangerously sweet…
Designer quality fragrances. Not designer prices.
Do You Dare?
Every woman has two sides.
Feel extroadinary.
HUGO is trend, HUGO is different, HUGO is urban.
I am made of blue sky and golden light, and I will feel this way.
forever…share the fantasy.
I can’t seem to forget you, your Wind Song stays on my mind.
If you want to capture someone’s attention, whisper.
Let desire lead you.
Life without passion is unforgivable.
Love is precious.
Never let go.
Never resist the call of the game.
No bottles to break – just hearts.
Nothing belongs to itself anymore.
Promise her anything, but give her Arpege.
Reveal the woman within.
Share the fantasy.
Share the secret.
So delicate. So Beautiful.
So hooked on Carmella.
The beginning of something magical.
The essence of a jeweller.
The fragrance as sexy as you are.
The fragrance dreams are made of.
The fragrance larger than life.
The greatest freedom is to believe in yourself.
The luxury of freedom.
The one gentleman.
The Power of Cool.
The ultimate code of seduction for men.
Very irresistible Givenchy.
Very me.
Want him to be more of a man? Try being more. of a woman!
We are One.
Wear it with style.
When I want her to know.
Whoever loves me will follow.
Witty. Confident. Devastatingly feminine.
You are never fully dressed without perfume.
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