List of 41 Cool Tag Team Names

Tag teams can be viewed as one of the best methods or strategies to combine forces and skills. This is applicable to any industry or environment where a collaboration between two is decided in hope to increasing success. A selection of top cool tag team names use by others and considered to be some of the best tag team duos in pro wrestling are combined below. These are intended to help encourage your own creativity in creating and naming your tag team.

2 Dimension
2D Edge
A Call to Arms
A Plus Squad
Colossal Connection
D-Generation X
Killer Bees
Legion of Doom
Money, Inc.
Out of Angle’s
Powers of Pain
Strike Force
Team Lay-Cool
The Blackjacks
The Bodydonnas
The Brain Busters
The Brothers of Destruction
The Bushwhackers
The Demolition
The Foreign Legion
The Headshrinkers
The Legacy
The Mega Powers
The Moondogs
The Nasty Boys
The Natural Disasters
The Outlaws
The Road Warriors
The Rock ‘N’ Sock Connection
The Rockers
The Shield
The Smoking Guns
The Soul Patrol
The Twin Towers
The Valiant Brothers
Too Cool
U.S. Express
Walking Disaster

The following infographic outlines some of the largest tag team and pro wrestling events that have occurred. During the Summer Slam events, more than 195 matches have occurred. Specialty matches that take place in the steel cage, elimination chamber, and boiler room have brought audiences worldwide to view. A listing of title matches and top contenders are listed in the below infographic.

Pro Wresting Biggest Events