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15 Pig Roast Invitation Wording Samples

A pig roast is traditionally an oversize barbecue featuring a hog that attendees dig into. It is no longer a backyard all out eatery. Pig roasts are becoming popular among weddings and less formal occasions and celebrations at home. Rather you want to celebrate the start of summer, an annual local event, or a birthday, the following selection of pig roast invitation wording will help you get started.

A low country pig picking in honor of [name] graduation.

Cold winter days we’ve finally passed up. So come on friends lets heat things up. Join us for a Pig Roast and Beer.

Cowboys and cowgirls wanted to join us for a backyard cookout. Reward, all the burgers and BBQ you can eat.

It’s a pig roast and you are invited.

Its time for swine. Join us for our [#] annual pig roast.

Join us for the [name] annual pig roast.

Now that the weather is warmer, we will do the grilling and you do the chilling. Please join us for a pig roast out back.

Oh the divine swine, he’s ever so fine. Be he roasted, grilled or smoked. Picked, pulled, or chopped. Pig Pickin’ at [location].

Our family reunion is coming up quick. We’re planning to have an old fashion picnic. There will be plenty to eat and glasses to fill and plenty of meat to put on the grill.

Please join us for a couples shower pig roast, honoring [names].

Please join us for a pig roast and toast rehearsal dinner honoring [name].

Please join us for a surprise party honoring [name].

Please join us for an “I Do” barbecue honoring [names].

Please join us for an old fashion BBQ honoring [name] engagement.

You are invited to the annual pig roast summer kick off.

Depending upon what region of the United States you are in, barbecue and grilling styles and flavors can vary. The typical yield of a 250 pound hog is 184 pounds of pork. An estimated 350,000 pounds of pork ribs are consumed each year in the United States. The below infographic provides a guide to grilling in the United States.

Guide to BBQ and Grilling Styles

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