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List of 38 Tough Mudder Team Names

The tough mudder obstacle is approximately 10 to 12 miles long and was designed by British Special Forces. Hosted in more than 12 countries including the UK, Australia, and Japan, this competition has been increasing with participants since its inception. Other running marathons from the cupcake, ugly sweater, and glow run have all attracted attention from runners around the United States. A listing of tough mudder team names for those that prefer getting dirty are compiled below from existing mudder participants.

A La Mudd
Bad Mudders
Band of Brudders
Baptized in Muddy Water
Better Wetter
Brudders From Other Mudders
Dirty Half Dozen
Dirty Patriots
Down and Dirty
Full Muddy Jacket
How I Met Your Mudder
I Can’t Believe Its Not Mudder
I Paid To Do This?
Keep Calm and Mudder On
Mind over Mudder
Mountain Slayers
Mud Men
Mud Pies
Mud, Sweat & Beers
Mudd Crushers
Mudd Flaps
Mudd Militia
Mudd Puppies
Mudd Sharks
Mudd Slingers
Mudder Brudders
Mudder Fockers
Mudley Crew
Primus Tough
Staggered Swagger
Team Mudslide
The Moustachios
They Said There’d Be Beer
Tough Mudder Fudders
Tough Pubbers

In recent decades there has been an increase of participants in marathons. From 1991, an estimated 5.2 million runners participated in running increasing to 13.9 million in 2011. The top events are the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and Marathon. A surge in participants completing the marathons have doubled in the last decade. Half marathons are considered the fastest growing racing event in the United States. The following infographic outlines additional facts and trends of the racing boom.

Top Running Marathons

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