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125 Funny Relay for Life Team Names

Cancer has been on the decline since 1990, avoiding and preventing more than 1 million deaths. Organizations such as the American Cancer Society are dedicated to providing treatment, research, and education about cancer. Events such as the Relay for Life help to fund the Cancer Society in their efforts. This event is constructed of teams that camp out around a track and take turns walking around. With food, games, and activities provided a celebration of survivors and luminaria ceremony remembers those that fell victim to cancer. The relay for life began in 1985 with one man spending 24 hours walking and running around a track in Tacoma, Washington. Since than more than $5 billion has been raised to fight cancer and the movement has grown worldwide. The following relay for life team names are intended to inspire your creativity and participating in this meaningful event.

All Night for the Fight
All Nights Flight
Amazonian Mermaids
Angry Buddies
Answer for Cancer
Backstreet Fighters
Banking on a Cure
Blister Sisters
Bone Crushin Ballerinas
Bosom Buddies
Butt Kickers
Butterfly Wingers
Cancer Crusaders
Cancer Crushers
Cancer Outlaw
Cancer Slayers
Coast Busters
Cocoon Eaters
Conquer Cancer
County Raiders
Cure Balled
Cure Bankers
Cure Creators
Cure Quarters
Cure Sprinters
Dangerous Divas
Dark Horses
Death Hooters
Decadence Fighters
Defeating Amigos
Destructive Divas
Eye Candy Chicks
FBI Girls
Fight the Fight
Finding Chemo
Flower Power
Fusion Girls
Glucose Patrol
Got Hope?
Grim Defeaters
Happy Feet
Hippie Chicks
Holy Walkamolies
Hope Brigade
Hope Fighters
Hope on the Move
Hope Rakers
I’m Dreaming of a Cancer Free Christmas
Jalapeno Hotties
Jumping Jackrabbits
Jumping Joggers
Junk Yard Divas
Knight Slayers
Laps on Laps
Legs for Liberty
Little Bo Pink
Little Red Corvette
Lost in Pace
Love Relay
Luke Skywalkers
Making Strides
Master Blasters
Mighty Misfits
Miracle Livers
Miracle Misfits
Morphin Cullers
No Hair, Don’t Care
Notorious C.U.R.E
Pac Masters
Pace Makers
Pavement Pounders
Peace Makers
Pink Fluffy Monsters
Pink Panthers of Death
Pink Ribbon Racers
Pink Slips
Pirates of the Cure-ibbean
Powder Puffs
Purple Monkeys
Quads of Fury
Rack Packers
Relay for the Rack
Relay Revelers
Rumpled Old Men
Save Second Base
Save the Tatas
School of Walk
Screaming Divas
Slip Slap Slop
Smiley Faces
Sole Mates
Sole Sisters
Sole Strutters
Soleful Struters
Soul Mates
Stop the War on my Rack
Strike Out Cancer
Sugar Shakers
Sweat for Survival
Team Tenderfoots
The Cure-saders
The Flaming Pink Flamingos
The Flower Fluff Whirls
The Future is Now
The Might Morphin Flower Arrangers
The Rack Pack
The Strider’s
The Support Squad
The Tumorators
The Walkie Talkies
Thirsty Striders
Too Inspires to be Tired
Toon Out Cancer
Tumor Disolvers
Tumor Slayers
Up Til Dawn
Venomous Vixens
Victory Weighers
Walking Warriors
Walking Wounded
Wild Bunch
Yard Junkies

An estimated 72% of donations received by the Cancer Society goes towards prevention programs, activities, treatment, and research. Approximately 250,000 free nights are given in lodging facilities and 90,000 cancer patients treated through their program. Nearly one million people call for help and support. The below infographic outlines the facts and services that the Cancer Society has provided to cancer sufferers in the United States.

Where the Cancer Society Spends Their Money

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