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7 Foods that Increase Productivity


How the Food You Eat Affects Your Workplace Productivity

Are you looking for ways to increase your productivity at work? Perhaps you start to lose concentration around the midmorning, or maybe you suffer from energy dips after lunch. These symptoms are part of a larger problem, which involves a poor diet coupled with a sedentary lifestyle.

However, did you know that just by changing your diet, you can make a huge difference in your energy levels and productivity? Actually, the World Health Organization says that improved nutrition for today’s workers could raise productivity by as much as 20%. Poor nutrition has also been linked to other issues, like poor morale, safety issues and chronic illness. Read on to learn more about how you can maintain a healthier lifestyle and be more productive through better nutrition.

“Eat This”

There are certain foods that have been shown to increase productivity. Things like fish, nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, whole grains, blueberries and avocados are all great for productivity as well as long term health. They have a variety of vitamins, minerals, oils, and other nutritional benefits.

In addition, eating regular meals will also help balance your hunger and manage energy dips. If you need to, you can try to eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of one big meal at lunch. That way, you won’t have to wait out a hungry period, only to feel full and sleepy later.

“Not That”

While many of us are aware of the things we should be eating, we should also take steps to avoid certain foods that can sap our productivity. Things like fast food, refined sugars and other junk can leave you feeling tired and sluggish, as well as hungrier later. These foods have also been shown to negatively impact our moods to the point where we feel less productive. They also play a role in increasing obesity.

Other Tips

If you are an employer, then you should consider providing food to your employees, such as a communal fruit basket or a selection of free healthy snacks in the break room that your employees can help themselves to. This could result in greater productivity, a reduction in sick days and fewer accidents. It could also improve morale and make your employees more likely to stay working for you.

Without a doubt, what you eat plays a role in your productivity!

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