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The 201 Most Unique Nail Salon Names of All-Time

Here are the 201 most unique nail salon names of all-time. I have separated these names into categories, from catchy to classy to cute. After the list of names, I reveal the 8 vital do’s and don’ts of naming your nail salon, the top nail salon slogans ever created and vital statistics you need to know about the nail salon industry.

My Favorite Unique Nail Salon Names
Martinis and Manicures
For Your Nails Only
Nail Swag
Pampered Hands
Nail’d It
Lollipop Nail Studio
Bloomin’ Nails
Sassy Nails
Oh My Nails
The Gel Bar
Tip to Toe
The Candy Vault
Pink Polish

Catchy Nail Salon Names
Base Coat Nail Salon
Colorbox Nails
Designer Nails
Diamond Nails
Elite Nails
Essential Nail Spa
Fantasy Nails and Spa
Happy Nails Boutique
Harmony Nail
Lucky Nails
Mac Nail Spa
Magic Touch Nail Salon
Nail Garden
Nail Pro
Oasis Pamper Bar
Plush Nail Salon
Princess Nail
Revive Nails & Co.
Sexy Nails Salon
Spectrum Nail Spa
The Golden File
The Nail Room
Top Nails
Vida Salon

Creative Nail Salon Names
Altered Ego Salon & Spa
Blink and Polish Nails Salon
Creative Nail Care
Creative Touch Studios
Deluxe Nail
Glamour Girls Nail Spa
Gloss Nailspa
Happy Nails & Spa
Heaven Nails & Spa
Just For You
Miracle Nails
Mobile Nail
Nail Story
Nailworks & Spa
Omni Nails and Lash Lounge
Plush Beauty Bar
Sensation Nail Spa
Shine My Nail
Star Nails
Sugarcoat Nail Salon
Sunset Nails
The Nail Artist
The Painted Nail
Touch of Elegance Nails
We Love Tips Nail Salon

Classy Nail Salon Names
A Polished Work
Allure Nail Spa
Dashing Diva
Divine Spa
Dream Nails
Elegant Nails
Fantastic Nails
Forever Nails
House of Nails
Infinity Nails
Love Nails
Luxury Nails
Magical Nail & Salon
Nail House
Next Salon
Queen Nails
Rose Nails
Royal Nail
Sparkle Nail Salon
The Beauty Nail
The Nail Place
Top Coat Nails Salon

Clever Nail Salon Names
AAA Nail Salon
American Nail Spa
Blondie’s Hair Studio & Spa
Coco Nail
Eco Nail Salon
Everything Nails
Generation Nails
Grand Nails
Heaven Valley
Hope Spa & Nails
Luxe Nail
Mars the Salon
Moments Salon
Nail Junkie
Nailspa Expose
One Stop Salon
Polish and Pour
Powder Beauty
Serenity Nail Salon and Spa
Silk Nail Salon
Sunkisses Tan & Nails Salon
The Nail Box
Venetian Nail Spa
Wellness Nail Spa

Funky Nail Salon Names
4 Elements Salon
Center Nail
Cuticle Salon
Fabulous Nails Spa
Get Tipsy Nail Salon
Ginger Slam Nail Bar
Hand Model Manicures
Nail Crush
Nail Tek
Nails, Nails, Nails!
Pinky Nail
Polish Me Pretty
Posh Polish Nail Salon
Pure Rain Nail Spa
Salon Estique
Snip Its
Studio Boom
Sundrops Nail Spot
Sweet Feet Pedicures
Today Nails
Thi Spa & Nails
Tippity Toe
Twinkle Toes Nail Salon
Vertigo Nail Salon

Quirky Nail Salon Names
Bleu Nails & Spa
Blue Bliss
Fingers 2 Toes
Get Nailed!
Golden Comb
Happy Feet Nail Salon
Holy Nails!
Little Piggies Nail Spa
Manis and Pedis Salon
Nail Envy
Nail Works
Naughty Nailz
Pamper Nail Salon
Polished Lounge
Posh the Salon
Purelux Salon
Raise a Hand
Salon Picasso
Studio Chique
Sunkissed Nail Salon
Taurus Nails and Spa
The Nail Designer
Tipsy Turvy Nails
Two Brown Eyes Girls

Cute Nail Salon Names
All Season Nail Salon
Be Sparkling
Beauty World Nail Salon
Bliss Nail Spa
Charming Nails
Colour Nails & Spa
Elle Nails Spa
Fashion Nails and Spa
Four Season Nails
Glitter Girls Nail Salon
Happy Nails Brows
La Petite Nail Shop
Lakeview Nails
Mandy’s Manicures
Model Nails
Nail Art
Nail Lovers
Neo Nails
Pearls Nail Salon
Platinum Nail Salon
Purebeauty Salon & Spa
Richmond Nail Salon
Sugar Nail
Summit Nail Bar
Sweeties Nails Salon
The Nail Garden
TipToes Nail Salon

Unusual Nail Salon Names
2 x 10 Nails
Beautylicious Nail Salon
Bottom Nail Salon
File N Style Nail Salon
Filed Away
Girl Gossips
Graffiti Nails
Hands Down Nail Services
Mantrap Nails Salon
Pinkies Nail Salons
Pinky Toes Nail Salon
Posh Nails
Q Spa
Salon Esprit
Sin City Nails
Space 07 Salon
Sunday Nail Spa
This Little Piggy Nail Salon
Tip Top Nail Spa
Vanity Projects
Zero 2 Nail Salon

How to Name Your Nail Salon

Greatest Nail Salon Slogans of All-Time
Beautiful nails are jewels, not tools.
Color Your Life, Polish Your Toes.
From Tips to Toes, You are Beautiful.
Giving Shine to Your Style.
If you break it, we can fake it.
Nail your Occasion.
Polished to Perfection.
Where Nails Meet Art.
Your nails are our inspiration.
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Important Statistics on the U.S. Nail Salon Industry from Statista
Spending on nail salon services has increased from $6.2 Billion in 2010 to $8.36 Billion in 2018.
Nail polish is the top segment in the industry with $569 Million in yearly sales.
There are 110,170 Manicurists and Pedicurists in the United States, and their average yearly salary is $25,860.
The five most common services offered at nail salons are gel-polish, manicures, pedicures, nail art, and soak-off gels.
The average price for a basic manicure in nail salons is $21.34.
The average price for a basic pedicure in nail salons is $33.72.
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Cosmetologists work within an industry where branding yourself and marketing your own skills are prominent to growing your client base. Over 83% of businesses say their social media is an important part of their business. The below infographic outlines statistics and tips for marketing your salon on social media sites.

Social Media Marketing for Cosmetologists

Here's the big list of business name ideas that covers over 150 of the most popular industries, and here is a directory of all of my slogans.

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