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List of 35 Good 5K Team Names

The United States has experienced an increase of participation among marathon runners and road races. An estimated 13.9 million road race finishers participate now versus the 5.2 million seen in 1991. This is an overall increase of 170%. Majority of participates are females at an average rate of 55%. Increase participated is speculated to be due to a rise in community events, awareness, family centered events, charity programs, and social impact. The following variety of 5K team names are from groups of runners that participate as a team to make it across the finish line.

Achilles Heals
Between Walk & Hard Pace
Buns on the Run
Call Me A Cab
Case of the Runs
Coast Busters
Dead Men Running
Faster than Snails
Girls on the Run
Got the Runs
Happy Feet
Heartrate Beaters
How the West Was Run
It Hurts So Good
Kickin’ Asphalt
Lactic Acid Flashback
Lost in Pace
My So Called Legs
Not Fast, Just Furious
Off Like a Prom Dress
Passage Panthers
Scrambled Legs
Sole Mates
Sole Trainers
Spongebob Slowpants
Strangers in the Night
Tag You’re It
The Trots
Three Left Feet
Toe Jammers
Twisted Blisters
VO2 the Max
We Got the Runs
Will Run for Beer

The following infographic takes a look at the benefits and trends surrounding the increased participating in running. Since 2003, the half marathon has been considered the fastest growing segment of road races in the United States with an annual increase of 10% runners each year. Jogging is considered one of the best forms of weight loss with running assisting with the improvement of cardiovascular health, bone and muscle health, and a better mood.

Benefits of Running

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