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52 Good Brewing Company Names

The growth of craft beer in the last decade has been increasing exponentially. The United States craft beer industry has seen a 7.2% increase in output and 4.3% increase in sales. This industry has experienced the emergence of new companies such as Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada making a drastic impact on this growing market. The following selection of brewing company names are from brewers throughout the United States that offer their own unique beer product.

10 Barrel Brewing Co.
49th State Brewing Co.
5 Seasons Brewing
A1A Ale Works
Ale Asylum
Alligator Brewing Co.
Amherst Brewing Co.
Apple Blossom Brewing Co
Arch Rock Brewing Co
Back East Brewing
Barrington Brewery & Restaurant
Battered Boar Brewing Co.
Beer Hound Brewery
Big Woods Brewing Co.
Bitter Creek Brewing
Black Swan Brew Pub
Blue Ridge Brewing
Cape Cod Beer
Cavalery Brewing Co.
Clear Creek Brewing Co.
Coalition Brewery
Conquest Brewing Co.
Dark Horse Brewing Co.
Deluxe Brewing Co.
Desert Eagle Brewing Co.
Eastern Shore Brewing Co.
Elm City Brewing Co.
Exit 6 Pub & Brewery
Figure Eight Brewing
Four Horsemen Brewing Co.
Freedom Craft Brewery
Gilgamesh Brewing Co
Golden City Brewery
Harmony Brewing Co
Heavy Seas Brewing Co
Honey Hollow Brewery
Hoppers Grill
Hub City Brewing Co
Infamous Brewing Co
Mahogany Ridge Brewery & Grill
Mash Tun Brewpub
Oak Creek Brewery
Paradox Brewery
Reads Landing Brewing Co
Salt Creek Brewery
SlapShot Brewing Co
Three Angels Brewing Co
Upright Brewing Co
Vertigo Brewing
Wagner Valley Brewing Co
White Street Brewing Co
Yellow Springs Brewing Co

The below infographic goes through the process of brewing beer. With just some water, malted barley, yeast, and hops you can make your own drink. During the malting process the grain is germinated for 5 days and dried in kiln. The grain is added to water and soaked for 40 hours. As the proceeding steps are followed, you are left with filtering the beer to help stabilize the flavor.

Process of Brewing Beer

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