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List of 33 Catchy Babysitter Slogans and Taglines

The child care industry has weathered the recent economic downturn quite well. This industry has also been classified as one of the fasting growing in the United States worth approximately $90 billion dollars with almost 900,000 businesses. However, as unemployment rates increased with child care costs, enrollment rates declined. This industry is made up of small players whereas no individual business is able to make up a large portion of the market share. The following list of existing baby sitter slogans have been used by individuals and companies and focused on providing temporary care for your children at your convenience.

(Name/Business) Loves Kids.
A happy childhood lasts a lifetime.
A healthy body results in a healthy well stimulated mind.
A professional babysitter referral service.
Alternative to expensive daycare.
Arranging a comfortable and convenient stay.
Babysitting with a caring and loving heart.
Be prepared.
Better Sitters Today. Better Parents Tomorrow.
Created by moms for moms.
Discipline and Cleanliness.
Experienced Babysitter Available.
For children, we’re new found friends. For parents, we’re peace of mind.
For little VIPs 0-12 years old.
Friendly babysitters to your doorstep.
Happy Baby + Happy Parents = Happy Agency.
If you find a need, fill that need.
Need a babysitter.
Not your ordinary babysitting service.
Our job is to make your life easier.
Professional service. Quality care.
Providing you not just an Au Pair, but a new member of the family.
Quality and professional babysitting services at an affordable price.
Serve our customers with nothing but the best.
Take care of yourselves, while we take care of the kids.
Unity in service.
We are childcare professionals.
We bring out the best in your child through quality childcare.
We care just like you do.
We partnership with parents to help the children reach their fullest potential.
Where kids are my business.
Your childcare wish just came true.
Your children are your most important possession, when entrusting their care and well being to someone other than yourself, be sure you have the very best!
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The highest paid state for baby sitting services is considered to be New York City. This is than followed by San Francisco and Los Angeles. The most popular time for baby sitting needs is between 6:00pm to 11:00pm. The below infographic outlines additional statistics and facts about the current babysitting industry.

Babysitter Statistics and Trends with Average Wages

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