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125 Great Babysitting Company Names

The babysitting industry varies in rates based on location. Some of the most expensive locations are considered to be San Francisco, New York, and Washington D.C where it can cost anywhere between $12 and $16 dollars per hour for a sitter. These rates drastically increase when multiple children are involved. Trends show that 33% of parents use a babysitter at least one or twice a month, while 32% use a baby sitter four to six times a month. The following listing of babysitting company names are from current businesses in the United States and intended to encourage the creation of your own company name.

ABCs Babysitting
Absolute Best Care
Adventure Kids
Affection n Kare
After School Kid Care
Agency Nanny’s Plus
Apple of Your Eye
Artist Babysitting Agency LLC
At Your Doorstep Nanny
Attention for Toddlers
Babies and Nannies Duo
Baby Bliss Childcare
Baby Roundup Babysitters
Baby Select
Babysit Ease Babysitters
Babysitting Barter
Basically Babysitting
Bird’s Nest
Bliss Nanny
Bluewish Sitting
Busy Barn Childcare
Care & More
Care for Angels
Caring Hues
Carriage Lane
Charlotte Care Service
Cheerful Childcare
Child Delight Babysitting
Child Ease Caring
Childrens Choice
Child’s Play Baby Care
Christine’s Babysitting Services
Columbia Babysitting Services
Daily Mings
Divine Hands Sitting
Eagle’s Nest Babysitting Services
Empty Nest Babysitting Service
Fab BabySitters
Family Ties Nannies
Fern Creek Babysitting Services
First Choice Sitters
First Step Home Daycare Babysitting
For Your Rescue
Fuzzy Wuzzy Babysitting
Gills Babysitting Agency
Great Say Sitting
Guardian Angels Sitting Service
Guardians of Angels
Happy Nanny
Hopscotch Babysitting
In Good Hands Babysitting
Jack N’ Jill Babysitting Service
Jumping Jacks Babysitting
Kare n Komfort for Kids
Kid Station
Kid Watch
Kiddie Cabin Daycare
Kiddie Corral Childcare
Kiddy Time Babysitting
KiddyKare Babysitting Service
Kidside Action
Laugh and Learn Babysitting
Little Flowers BabyCare
Little Ideafly
Little Lambs Childcare
Little Love Caring
Lollipops n Candies
Lots of Laughs Childcare
Lullaby Dreams
Magic n Fairy
Metropolitan Sitters LLC
Mini More Babysitting
Mission Blue and Pink
Moons ‘n Stars Baby Care
Morningside Nannies
Munchkin Land Babysitters
Nannies on Call
Nanny Boutique
Nanny Connections
Nanny Express Placement Agency
Nanny For Your Tiny
Night Time Nanny
Nooga Nannies
On Call Sitters
Open Hearts Childcare
Out of Hours Babysitting
Over the Rainbow Babysitters
Overnight Babysitting
Parents Night Out
Pinch Sitters Agency
Pretty Apples Sitting
Protecting Angels
Rocking Frog Sitting
Rocking Horse Day Care Center
Royal Cheers Sitting
Rush To Help
Salena’s Little Treasures
Seeking Sitters
Sensible Sitters
Sitter City
Sitter Connection Babysitter Referral Service
Sitter Savvy
Sitters Studio
Smart Sitting
Smile Time Babysitting
Smiles and Giggles
Smiles ‘n Kuddles
Sunnyside Babysitting
Sunshine Babysitters
Sweet Peas Nanny and Babysitting Agency
Tender Little Love
Tending Tender Love
The Baby Patch Childcare
The Blessed Babysitter
The Kid Connection Babysitters
Tiny Feet Babysitters
Tiny Forward
Tiny Tenders
Tiny Tots Baby Care
Trio Nanny & Babysiting LLC
White Wing Sitting
Wings of Care
Your House Babysitting
Your Mobile Nanny

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American parents hire an average of 2.6 sitters a year. More than a third of parents have spent more than a thousand on babysitters in a year. The most important occasion that a baby sitter is used for is an anniversary. Second on that list is holiday party followed a birthday celebration. The below infographic outlines interesting statistics and facts about the babysitting industry.

Babysitting Industry Statistics

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