51 Good Names for Energy Companies

The United States currently relies on a heavy production of resources of coal, oil, and natural gas for energy. Fossil fuels have been found to be renewable but can be considered expensive and less desirable. Organizations and major brands have prided themselves in supporting renewable energy efforts and operate their businesses on 100% renewable power. A single wind turbine can produce enough energy to power over 300 homes. The following collection of energy company names are listed below, representing businesses throughout the United States that specialize in the energy industry and supplying power to others.

Alliant Energy Corporation
Argo Systems
Atmos Energy
Bliss Electric Inc.
Blue Dolphine Energy Co.
Blue Sun Energy
Calpine Corporation
CenterPoint Energy
Clean Currents
Constellation Energy Group
Crown Energy
Devon Energy Corporation
Direct Energy
Diversified Energy
Down to Earth Energy
Duke Energy
Edison Mission Energy
Enbridge Energy Company Inc.
Energeyes Inc.
First Energy Corporation
Flint Energies
Gen On Energy Inc.
Green Mountain Energy
Greenwood Energy
Hilcorp Energy Co.
Leaf Clean Energy Company
Legend Solar
Lincoln Electric Co.
Magnolia Energy
Merit Eenrgy Co.
Oceana Energy Co.
Open Secure Energy Control
Palmer Energy Co.
PostRock Energy Corporation
PowerSouth Energy
Progress Energy
Reese Energy Consulting Inc.
Renewrgy Corporation
Sandridge Energy Inc.
Sharp Energy Inc.
Siemens Energy Inc.
Smart Energy Solutions
Southern Rivers Energy
Southern View Energy
Spark Energy
Spectra Energy Corporation
System Energy Resources Inc.
The Brighter Energy Choice
Trans Bio Energy Co LLC.
Westar Energy

Based on the daily sunlight omitted on earth each day, just a single hour of sunlight can produce enough energy to power the world for a whole year. An estimated 70% of electricity in the state of Washington is supplied by hydroelectric power. California is known for producing more renewable energy and power than all other states combined. The below infographic outlines interesting statistics and facts about energy and renewable resources.

Understanding Renewable Energy