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101 Best Handyman Company Names

The handyman industry is highly impacted by the growing demand for do it yourself repairs. As witnessed in the home improvement industry, an annual revenue of $150 billion a year is gained from projects that related to primary and secondary residences, vacation homes, and rental properties. Since the 1990’s, handyman repair companies have been increasingly establishing franchises to grow their presence across the United States. A listing of handyman companies from across the United States are outlined below.

#1 Handyman
24/7 Handyman Services
A to Z Construction
AAA Handyman
Absolutely Handi
After Hours Handyman Service
All Done Painting and Handyman Company
All Phaze Remodeling
All Pro Maintenance
All Solutions Handyman
American Handyman Services
Any Assembly
Any Job Handyman
Anytime Handyman
Be Handy Handyman Services
Blue Army Handyman Services
Bob The Handyman
Build-a-Dream Handyman
Call Me Handyman
Dandy Handyman
Dirty Jobs Handyman
Dr. Handyman
Dream Home Handyman
Eye Candy Handyman
Family Man Handyman Services
Fisher Homeworks
Fix it Fellow LLC
Floorboards to Lightbulbs Handyman
Four Brothers Carpentry
Freedom Handyman Services
Hammer Handyman
Handjobs Handyman Service
Hands-on Handyman
Handy 1st
Handy Bob
Handyman 4 Hire
Handyman At Your Command
Handyman Connection
Handyman Experts
Handyman Headquarters
Handyman Home Solutions
Handyman Matters
Handyman Perfection
Handyman Pro
Handyman Taskforce
Hilltop Handyman
Home Again Handyman Services
Homeowner’s Helping Hand
House Doctors
Housemaster Michael
I Can Handyman
In the Dust Handyman Service
Just Screw It! Handyman Services
M&M Handyman Services
Magic Fingers Handy Man Services
Master Handyman Co LLC
Midnight Handyman
Mr. Fix-all
Mr. Handy Plus
Mr. Handyman
Mr. Nice Guy Handyman
My Arizona Handyman
My Handyman
Nailed it! Handy Man Services
New Life Handyman Services
No Job Too Small Handyman Services
One & Done Handyman
Out of the Toolbox Handyman Services
Paul’s Small Jobs
Premiere Works
Price Home Repair
Pro Handyman Plus LLC
Promaster Home Repair
Redneck Handyman Services
Renaissance Handyman & Painting
Side Project Handyman Service
Small Job Bob
Southern Best Handyman
Stiff as a Board Handyman
The Dandy Handyman
The Fixer
The Get it Done Guy Handyman
The Golden Hammer
The Handy Connection
The Handy Crew
The Handyman Can!
The Handyman Company
The Happy Handyman LLC
The Home Hero
The I Can Handyman
The Perfection Connection
The Perfector
The Project Doc
The Project Handyman
The Toolbox Handyman
The Trusty Wrench
Tri-county Handyman Service
Versatile Handyman Services
White Cap Home Improvements
Z Construction

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The following infographic performs a comparison between contractor and handyman services. Handyman’s are a more desirable choice for smaller home jobs that require minor repair or replacements. Contractors are better suited for larger projects and specialized work. Projects should typically not be paid in full until completed to protect both the handyman and consumer. All communication should be documents and a date completion date outlined on the contract.

Handyman vs Contractor

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