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List of 101 Dodgeball Tournament Names

The National Dodgeball League Amateur Association provides a listing of some of the largest and most popular national dodgeball tournament events to participate in. Other regions and local cities may provide their own dodgeball tournament for the purpose of raising money for charity or awareness. The following collection of dodgeball tournament names come from all different levels of competitive tournaments found across the United States. This is intended to help inspire the creation of your own event.

Aim for the Fat Kid
All Dodge No Balls
Allergic to Rubber
Artful Dodgers
Average Joe’s
Ball Girls
Ball of Duty 3
Balls N’ Dolls
Beastie Balls
Big Cojones
Big Red
Can’t Dodge This
Chuck, Duck and Dive
Clown Punchers
Crash Test Dummies
Dead Ducks
Dip n’ Dive
Dirty Dodgers
Diva Dodgeball
Dodge Chargers
Dodge for a Cause
Dodge the Competition
Dodge This
Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, & Dodge
Dodger Clemens
Dodger Daltrey
Dodger Ebert
Dodger Federer
Dodging Bullets
Dodging Divas
Dodging for Dreams
Dodgy Birds
Dodgy Style
Don’t Stop Ballieving
Don’t Hit Me!
Don’t Stop Ballieving
Duck and Cover
Duck Dynasty
Duck N Dodge
Duck, Duck, Chuck
Elusive Butterflies of Love
Get Out of Dodge
Girl Scout Dropouts
Globo Gym
Great Balls on Fire
Grown Up Sports
Gym Class Heroes
Hand of Dodge
Hard Targets
Hurl and Hide
If You Can Dodge A Wrench…
In the Dodge house
Indoor Sports
Mercer Madness Dodgeball
Moose Knucklers
Much Ado About Balls
Ninja Hurlers
Not in The Face
Odd Ducks
Old Dodgers
Patches O’ Houlihan’s Heroes
Peeking Ducks
Picked Last!
Power Rankings
Purple Cobras
RecessTime Sports
Reservoir Dodge
Roger the Dodgers
Salad Dodgers
Sitting Ducks
Skillz That Killz
Sky Zone
Slumdodge Millionaires
Snoop Dodgy Dodge
Starport Athletics
Team Blitzkrieg
The Artful Dodgers
The Ball Dodgers
The Dodgefathers
The Dodgesaurs
The Flyballers
The Human Targets
The Underdodge
Thunderballs of Justice
Who Let the Dodge Out?
Won’t Move for Cake
World Championship
You Can’t Dodge This

Some individuals may find amusement in certain sports offering a range of leagues and competitive tournaments. The below infographic outlines some of the strangest sporting events have seen displayed during public sporting events. Some of these date back to the early 1900’s.

Odd Olympic Sport Activity

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