List of 31 Catchy Kitchen Names

Trends in cafes, restaurants, and kitchens are new styles in the open kitchen design. These have been seen everywhere from franchises to fine dining. With more health conscious consumers, they want to see how their food is prepared. Additionally, the open kitchen style appeals signals that there is nothing to hide. For those looking to open up their own kitchen in their local area, here is a list of kitchen names from dining facilities across the United States. They are meant to help inspire your own brand creation.

(Name) Kitchen
ABC Kitchen
Americans Test Kitchen
Backstreet Kitchen
Big Kitchen Café
Brown Sugar Kitchen
Charlies Kitchen
Chefs Kitchen
Corner Kitchen
DC Central Kitchen Inc.
Dry Creek Kitchen
Energy Kitchen
Formaggio Kitchen
Four Kitchens
Highland Kitchen
Jazz Kitchen
Kitchen (Location)
Kitchen Store
Kitchens Deli
Marigold Kitchen
Mission American Kitchen & Bar
Open Kitchen
Palace Kitchen
Park Kitchen
Six Penn Kitchen
South Water Kitchen
Stonewall Kitchen LLC
The Eatery
The Kitchen
The Pub & Kitchen
True Food Kitchen

To style your own industrial kitchen, the infographic posted below outlines the necessary tools needed to get into business. Additional tips for public safety and health are also listed.
Industrial Kitchen Tips