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100 Great Catchy Taxi Company Names

The taxi industry in highly profitable. In the last year alone it brought in over 12 billion dollars of revenue. That is a pretty impressive amount of money! Starting your own can be rewarding as well as lucrative. The first step to owning a successful taxi company is choosing a great name. Here is a wonderful list of existing taxi company names to give you some ideas.

24Hrs Cab Service
7 Days Taxi
ABC Cab Company
Altus Car Service
American Shuttle
Beverly Hills Cab Co.
Bliss Taxi
Bottom Cab
Brave Wheel
Broad Dyckman Car Services
Broadway Cab
California Cab Company
Cascade Taxi Company
Circle Hub
Cool Cabs
Crew cab
DeSoto Cab Co.
Early Wish
East Taxi
Easy Cabs
Easy Shuttle
Emerald City Taxi
Epic Taxi
Ezy Cab
First Cab
First Hug
Five Fun Taxi
Friendly Taxi
Fusion Taxi
Fussion Fast
Getting There
Groove Cab
Hood River Taxi
Independent Taxi
Taxi & Towncar
Jamie’s Transport Service
Jerby Spot Cab
LA Taxi
Lugosi Cab
Mercury Cab
Miami Taxi
NYC Taxi
One Ride
Orbin Cab
OTS- On The Spot
Out of the Way Taxi
Paradise Sim
Perfect Taxi
Pink Taxis
Play Coach
Precious Cargo Taxi
Prestige Taxi
Quest Cab
Radiant Cab
Radio Cab
Ray Taxi
Red Coach
Red Thunder Taxi
Reliable Cab Service
Sandy Cab
Scoop U Up
Social Zap
Spirit Swift
SunShine Transportation
Sure Path
Taxi Associates
Taxi Element
Tessor Cab
The Arrow
The Brown Eagle
The Moulton Shuttle
The Taxi Company
Too Much Cab
Tour Nest
Transportation Solutions
Travel Planet
Travel Surf
Trusted Taxi Co.
Two Happy
Union Cab
United Taxi
Urban Time
Violet Taxi
Virgin Wolf
Way Gear
West bay Cab
Wheel Box
White Cab

This video is about a very successful man who started his own taxi company. He explains his stories and how he got to where he is today with his business.

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