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125 Great Catchy Vintage Furniture Business Names

Vintage furniture is a highly trendy and lucrative market to be involved with. People are always looking for unique and one of a kind pieces for their home. If you are thinking about starting your very own antique furniture business than a great name is the first step. Here is a great list of existing vintage furniture shop names to help you think of your own.

1990 Retro
3 Twenty 3 Vintage
Aethencity Furniture
Almost Forgotten Vintage
An Orange Moon
Ancient Treasures
Ancient Yang Furniture
Antique Adventures
Antique Appeal
Antique Curves
Apollon Furniture
Arcata Vintage
Arlo Belle Furniture
Bessie Furniture
Bronze Age Furniture
Brownberg Furniture
Circa Modern
Clara Nora
Country Primatives Vintage Market
Country Village Antique Mall
Custom Keys
Danish Country
Darkforge Furniture
David Ella Furniture
Enna Eterna Furniture
Epoch Vintage
Ernest Young Furniture
Esme Ada Furniture
Everyday Treasures
First Revolt Furniture
Flipping Vintage
Furnish Green
Furnish Me Vintage
Furniture Rehab
Golden Days Vintage
Grand Rapids
Grandma’s Attic
Greygod Furniture
Heaven Antiques and Custom Furniture
Helmwind Furniture
Home Polish
Indian Rustic
Infinite Feel Furniture
Infinite Grace
Infinity Vintage
Inheritance Furniture
Ironwood Furniture
Liberty Park Emporium
Likeold Furniture
Little Red Barn Door
Loved Furniture and Designs
May Prairie Furniture
Metro Retro Furniture
Mid Century Furniture
Midtown Ancient
Mint Home
Modern Cooperative
Mom’s Old Couch
Nastalgia Furniture
Not Too Shabby
Old Eclatic
Old Flamingo
Peddlers Mall
Penelope Dots
Pepe’s Thrifty Furniture
Perfect Antique
Pink Porcelain
Pittsburg Works
Prescott Furniture
Prime Beam
Ralph Milos
Regency Vintage
Rehab Vintage Interiors
Retro Gallery
Retro Relics
Reuse America Vintage Warehouse
Revival Furniture
Rocket City Retro
Rustic Yard Furniture
Rusticlove Furniture
Salvage One
Scavenger’s Paradise
ShopClass Furniture
Solidage Furniture
Stray Village
Stripe Vintage Modern
Studio Antiques
Style Revival Furniture
Sun Beam Vintage
The Attic
The Bella Cottage
The Golden Triangle
The Green Room Vintage Furniture
The Lazy Dog Antique
The Vintage Nest
Tumbleweed & Company
Upstair Downstairs Furniture
Urban Americana
Urban Art Furniture
Urban Made Furniture
Urbanredux Furniture
Urbansmith Furniture
Vintage Back Roads
Vintage Craft Furniture
Vintage Joy
Vintage Masters
Vintage Royalty
Vintage Rust
Vintage Vases
Vintage Voyage
Viva Vintage
Water Street Antiques
White Buffalo Furniture
Wood Clad Furniture
Woody Ives Furniture
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