33 Best Catchy Hot Dog Business Names

Hot dog and hot dog carts have become a staple of our country. It is a very classic and low cost food that just about everyone loves. The market and opportunity for hot dog sales is high through out the entire year. If you are going to open up your very own hot dog business, whether it be a stand or a store, than a great and eye catching name is essential. Here is a perfect list of existing hot dog business names to get you thinking.

America’s Dog
Chicago’s Dog House
Dat Dog
Dawg House
Dog Gone Dog’s
Dog House
Dogs On The Run
Downtown Dogs
Fisher’s Famous Hot Dogs
Fred’s Franks
Glenn’s Dogs
Hot Diggity Dogs
Hot Dog Central
Hot Dog Express
Hot Dog University
J Dawgs
Jim’s Original
Junkyard Dogs
King Weenie Hot Dogs
Off The Leash
One Hot Dog
Pink’s Dogs
Pub Dogs
Rock -N- Dogs
Rocket Dogs
Round The Block Dogs
Show Dogs
The Hot Dog Company
The Wild Dog
Top Dog
We Let The Dogs Out
Willy Dog

This wonderful video shows interviews from real hot dog business owners and tips on how they became the success that they are today. It is very informative for anyone looking to get into the hot dog business.