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List of 75 Catchy Fundraising Campaign Slogans

The following collection of fundraising campaign slogans have been used by other causes but meant to inspire the creation of your own.

A little change makes all the difference.

Act as what you do makes a difference. It does.

Actions speak louder than words! Give today.

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

Be a part of the breakthrough and make someone’s dream come true.

Be part of a change in the World.

Breathing life into the future.

Building a legacy.

By giving a little, you will help out a lot.

Change Lives. Change the World.

Change the University. Change Lives. Change the World.

Charity doesn’t hurt.

Children Need You.

Clean Water. Healthy Fish. Happy People.

Dirty water kills.

Do a good deed, give to those in need.

Do your part with a caring heart.

Don’t delay give today!

Don’t turn away, Give today!

Don’t turn your back to those in need.

Donation shows Appreciation.

Empowering Communities. Ending Poverty.

Feed the World You Want to Live In.

Food for People, Not for Profit.

For your giving ways, we give you praise.

Forget what you can get and see what you can give.

Give a share to show you care.

Give so others can live.

Give some change to make a change.

Give your share to show you care!

Giving is the best therapy!

Giving opens the way for receiving.

Giving your change makes cents.

Growing into our future.

Hear us plead, help those in need.

Help Drive Change.

Help others help themselves.

Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who needs helping!

Homelessness starts at home. Donations start here.

If you don’t help feed them, who will?

If you think you’re too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.

It’s all big when you’re changing the world.

Its better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

It’s not strange to want to make a change.

Life is an echo, what you send out comes back.

Lifting up with hands of help.

Making a difference every day.

Opening Our Doors into Tomorrow.

Paving the way.

People in need deserve better days, that’s why money we are trying to raise.

Play Your Part.

Potential Meets Opportunity.

Putting information in the hands of the world.

Serving our timeless mission.

Share hope.

Show you care, give a share.

Some money will you spare to show you care.

Sport can give new life to children.

The greatest casualty is being forgotten.

The Strength of a People. The Power of Community.

There is clarity in charity.

There’s no place like home.

Together we can make a Difference.

Too busy to change the world? Spare some change.

What have you given today?

When people help people, change happens.

Will you be a honey and help me raise money.

With a simple action you take, a difference you can make.

You can make a difference, so why don’t you?

You Make a Difference…(We Make It Easier).

You may feel like a drop in the bucket. But every drop counts!

Your change can change lives.

Your change can make a change.

Your contribution can help achieve a solution.

Your Future Is Calling.

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Starting a fundraising campaign is a great way to promote awareness for a specific cause. Rather it be to feed the hungry or find a cure for breast cancer, engaging in fundraising activities will increase support. The average donation size received from online event fundraising is $40 to $60 a person. The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life is one of the biggest fundraising events bringing in over $400 million dollars in donations.

Individuals who use online tools to raise money for causes are more than 6 times likely to receive donations than those offline. Twitter users alone have been able to increase funding goals by three times the amount and raise 10 times more than their goal from those who did not engage on Twitter at all. Additional statistics and facts to increasing your fundraising efforts can be found in the following infographic.

Social Fundraising Statistics and Trends

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