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List of 21 Great Call-to-Action Verbs


Encourage People with Action Words

Are you finding that your calls to action are falling flat? Are you not getting the level of conversions that you believe your product or service should be gathering? Even with just a 2% conversion rate, you should be getting 20 orders off of every 1000 visitors you get to your site. If you’re not achieving that level of success, then it’s time to take a look at the actual action words that you are using in your call to action. Why? Because chances are that you’re not inspiring people to take the level of action that they actually want to take for what you’re offering.

Verbs Are Powerful Motivators

Though it might seem counterproductive, a call to action is actually better phrased as a demand for action. You really can be overly polite when it comes to asking targeted visitors to become customers. Instead of putting in polite requests, use decisive verbs that demand attention and make people want to follow through on the value that they’ve perceived you have to offer. Instead of saying “would you” or could you,” use action verbs such as “Complete this step” or “Finalize your dreams” and you just may find that your conversion rates will creep up, slowly but surely.

Action Verbs Aren’t Just For Conversions

Any time you need someone to do something for you, using an action verb will help that person directly understand exactly what it is that you want. Action verbs remove any doubt as to the action that needs to be taken, allowing you to effectively delegate tasks in a clear and concise manner. Using words like “create” or “update” or even “transform” will help to clarify to someone exactly what they should be doing so they don’t have to guess. Our brains work best when given the action verbs in a direction, so if you want the best work, give the best directions.

You Can Give Yourself Direction As Well

Some of the most successful people utilize action verbs on a daily basis when it comes to planning their daily activity checklists. A calendar that is filled with action verbs for projects that need to be completed helps a person be able to quickly discern what needs to be accomplished, the best way to accomplish that task, and even motivate that person to get to work right now to get that task completed. Maybe you need to “plan” your next meeting or you need to “compose” a letter to parents explaining what their children are learning in class. Add these action verbs to your calendars and checklists and chances are you’ll be more productive in no time at all.

Life Really Is Just a Big, Giant Verb

By using action verbs, you can get much more accomplished in business and in life. Take a look at the action verbs you might be using and see if you can’t make them more specific in some way. If you can, then chances are you’ll find a higher level of success than you ever thought possible. Your words are a direct representation of the type of person or business that you are… so what do your words say about you right now?

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