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5 Landing Page Conversion Rate Key Statistics

Landing Page Conversion Rate Key Statistics

Top Five Landing Page Analytics Every Marketer Should Know

Below are top five (5) lead page analytics every marketer must be conversant with:

1. The Bounce Rate

Some visitors visit a lead page and leave without interacting with the page, either by typing in another URL, clicking the back button or closing the browser tab. The percentage of those who leave with respect to the number of entire visitors is referred to as the bounce rate.

To reduce the bounce rate, the following are recommended:

  • The Page must be kept as simple as possible.
  • Provide visitors with wonderful landing experience.
  • Dynamic pages will engage visitors attention.
  • Increase conversion rates by matching the message on your page with your adverts.

2. The Exit Rates

As opposed to visitors who bounce, some visitors who view the landing page and actively navigate to another site may have interacted with the site. The percentage of this visitors forms the exit rate.

To reduce exit rates, the following are some helpful tips:

  • Make use of targeted pages.
  • Visitors should be categorised.
  • External links should be reduced.
  • The use of instructional guides to direct visitors.

3. The Click Through Rate

This is the percentage of visitors viewing the lead page who click on a specific campaign element on that page. It is a measure of how successful an advert has been in capturing user’s interest.

For an increased click through rate:

  • Messages should have an urgent undertone.
  • Emphasize the benefits and not the input.
  • The call to action should be as brief as possible.

4. Conversion Rates

The measure of the number of potential customers that perform the desired action is referred to as the conversion rate of the landing page. Such action includes making purchases, filling a form, etc.

For an increased conversion rate, the following are recommended:

  • Messages should be concise and relevant.
  • Use visual guides to guide potential customers.
  • Perform an effort reward analysis.
  • Campaigns must be done in a timely manner.

5. Segversion Rate

This is the percentage of customers who were segmented that converted. It is an analysis of different segments and the conversion rates of the different segments.

To increase the segversion rate:

  • Fulfill your promises.
  • Capitalize on response from segmented users to develop a sub page.
  • Segment specific value should be added to the reward.

Every marketer must keep these points in mind.

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