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Impact of Stress on Employee Performance Statistics

Impact of Stress on Employee Performance Statistics

Stress Less: How to Effectively Manage Employee Stress

Stress is a common aspect found in all occupations. It doesn’t matter what gender, salary, experience or field you work in, too much stress will significantly reduce productivity. Not too mention all the physical and emotional pressures that stress induces.

Most workers agree that their workplace is a major source of stress. Healthcare for treating stress related issues costs U.S. companies around $68 Billion. 10 % of Americans have said that job related stress reduces their productivity. It has been estimated that stress related health care reduces the national profit by 10 %.

The Signs of Stress

Before you can begin managing stress, the signs of stress have to be considered. Some major issues to look out for include:

• Trouble concentrating
• Anxiety
• Apathy to others
• Muscle tension
• Skin Irritations
• Headaches
• Anger
• Stomach Problems
• Fatigue and general tiredness

Dealing with Stress

Now you need to regain control of your mind and body to reduce and eliminate stress. There are many physical practices that can help alleviate both physiological and psychological impacts of stress.

– Acupuncture. This is a good way of relieving tension caused by stress. Acupuncture is practiced by inserting small needles at specific pints into just the surface layer of the skin. Regular sessions will help get rid of stress and anxiety by relaxing the body muscles.

– Exercise. Physical activity will produce endorphins, which are chemicals linked to feelings of euphoria. Give your mind something else to think about and you will start to cope much better with stress and improve your overall health.

– Massage. A good massage will reduce stress and pain in the entire body. Similar to exercise, chemical changes in the body will have a real positive effect on your mindset.

– Yoga. Utilizing a combination of stationary and slow moving poses and controlled breathing, yoga is the perfect of reducing stress. There are many styles and forms of yoga. It is best to join a class to learn the best techniques.

– Reiki. This is a spiritual healing art form that started in Japan. Reiki has been found to eliminate anxiety and stress and improve calmness. It can help in many ways including physically, mentally and emotionally.

Advice for Employees

On the job stress is something most of us have to deal with. But it doesn’t have to affect our performance and productivity. By making small lifestyle changes such as balancing our daily schedule and taking breaks, you can get more work done in a shorter amount of time. By getting rid of workplace stress you can enjoy both your time at work and at home.

Advice for Employers

Reducing stress levels in the workplace should be a top priority. It is better for both employee moral and productivity. Creating a healthy and positive work environment will also reduce health care costs. Have a strategy in place to manage job related stress and improve the company both socially and economically.

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