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Kindle Fire HD Versus iPad Mini

The newest version of the iPad shrinks down everything you’d get with the traditionally sized iPad to a 7 inch size. The Kindle Fire HD, with the newest version being the HDX, provides more than just access to books thanks to access to Amazon’s plethora of apps. Both have full-color displays that are stunning. With so little difference between what you actually get, one question is usually left on the mind’s of shoppers: which should I get?

Price Is Often a Factor in the Decision

Because the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad Mini are two very similar products, the primary decision for a consumer often comes down to price. If you don’t mind the advertisements on your tablet from Amazon and the “Special Offers” that pop-up, you can save almost $200 on the Kindle Fire HD compared to the iPad Mini. Even maxing out the options of the Kindle Fire and removing the advertisements will save you $75 or more compared to the iPad Mini.

What you sacrifice to get a better price is interactivity. The Kindle Fire HD doesn’t switch between apps and browsers the same way as the iPad Mini, which means you’re often going into the menu settings of the Kindle Fire to switch back and forth between programs. Zoom capabilities aren’t one-touch and there’s no swiping going on because that’s Apple proprietary technology.

The Kindle Fire HD Has No Apple Product Access… or Google Play

If you have invested into Apple products in the past and have an extensive collection of music, videos, and apps, then the iPad Mini might be a better choice. You’ll get access to all of your information that’s saved in the cloud, stream your favorite playlists, yet still have access to your favorite streaming websites like Netflix.

The Kindle Fire HD doesn’t have all of that access because it works exclusively with Amazon. If you’ve been an Amazon Prime member for a while, however, it could be a better solution. You can stream your content from Prime through the Kindle Fire and also access your favorite streaming websites. The one advantage that you do get with the Kindle Fire here is that the apps are compatible with the Google Chromecast, which means you can stream your Netflix app from the tablet to your television in high definition through your WiFi connection.

If You Love Apps, Then the iPad Mini Wins

Did you know that 99.4% of the over 10 billion app downloads that happened in 2013 initially originated from Apple? Even though several apps go across all platforms, including for use on the Kindle Fire, that’s not the case with every app. Many apps are, in fact, dedicated to Apple products and for specific usability that gives the iPad Mini an advantage because it becomes a better long-term investment.

If you’re looking for a great tablet that won’t cost you a lot right now, then the Kindle Fire HD is probably the right choice to make. If, however, you’e looking for a long-term investment that gives you greater compatibility with the products you already use outside of Amazon, then the iPad Mini is the choice to make.

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