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Review of the Candy Bouquet Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

If you’re a small business owner, then you know how difficult it can be to get into a lucrative franchising opportunity. The start-up fees are often enormous, the cash liquidity requirements are often high, and there are even location restrictions that prevent you from putting a storefront in a location you might already own.

With Candy Bouquet, you get one of the easiest ways to begin your own franchise and best of all, it’s extremely affordable. You can even open you a Candy Bouquet location in your own home if you’re concerned about how much overhead you might have to pay! That’s why Candy Bouquet is often ranked as one of the best opportunities for franchising that anyone can join, but especially the small business owner who might not be extensively wealthy.

Franchising Fees Are Based On Your Assigned Territory

The franchising fees for Candy Bouquet are a little unique in the fact that the size of the fee is based on the amount of territory you’re planning on covering for the business. The starting franchise fee that is required, however is just over $10,000. There is a small monthly association fee that is also based off of the size of your territory, but you won’t have to pay any royalty percentages on the amount of sales you make on a monthly or yearly basis.

Because start-up fees are variable, there can be a wide gap in the amount of fees that need to be paid. The highest recorded franchise fee that was paid is just over $57,000. The average fee paid is just above $15,000 in total. With associated start-up costs that include inventory, marketing, and branding recognition within your community, total start-up costs can exceed $70,000 in total. Still, compared to other franchises, that’s a realistic possibility for a small business owner looking for a new revenue line.

Candy Bouquet also offers discount incentives for franchisees based on their specific circumstances. These discounts can be as high as $4,000 off of the franchise fee. For more information about whether you would qualify for a discount, be sure to speak directly with a Candy Bouquet representative.

I’ve Heard Candy Bouquet Is Contracting – Is That True?

Just because Candy Bouquet is ranked as one of the best and most affordable small business franchise opportunities, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right for you. One of the difficulties that this franchise faces is stiff competition from companies like Edible Arrangements. There are, in fact, less than 100 franchises operating right now and that number has contracted considerably within the last 12 months.

The marketing that a royalty is not required is good marketing toward the small business owner, but keep in mind that the association fee must be paid no matter how good or bad you’re doing in any given period of time. It could be argued that a company that takes a royalty only has confidence in their product and that a company that simply charges fees has no confidence in their future of growth whatsoever.

If, however, you have tested your local market and you know there is a great demand to have this service within your community, than the investment may well be worth it. As with any business opportunity, being smart about how and where you spend your money will help to facilitate your overall business plan.

What Does Your Investment Get You?

When you choose to become a Candy Bouquet franchisee, you get the opportunity to learn the best practices that will increase sales in your store front. You’ll also become part of a global delivery network that will allow customers to place orders at your location to have them delivered in virtually any corner of the globe. And, unlike other traditional gift arrangements, candy bouquets never wither or spoil, making them a longer lasting gift for a similar amount of money.

According to the franchise marketing information, you’ll also receive company-specific training in how to make the arrangements that are advertised on the primary website. You’ll get a chance to meet company executives and tour the company’s distribution headquarters. Hard working franchisees are sought out first and foremost, but considering that bouquets are often made by hand, some people with disabilities may not find enjoyment in being a franchisee with Candy Bouquet.

I Heard a Franchisee Purchase Candy Bouquet Outright?

That’s true. A doctor who was facing some health problems decided that it made more sense to invest into a Candy Bouquet franchise. He and his wife remodeled the location of his medical practice so that it could become the shipping hub for all of the Houston orders for Candy Bouquet. Just one year later, they received an offer to purchase the entire business and so that’s what they did – without creating any debt to do so.

The reported earnings that Candy Bouquet reports yearly averages about $2 million. How that will translate into your community is something you’ll need to research, but considering the small investment price the risks are rather small. Best of all, with a little success and maybe a little luck, you could put yourself into a similar position as this Houston-based franchisee that ultimately became the new owner of Candy Bouquet!

Are There Any Guarantees With My Investment?

There are no guarantees being a franchisee with Candy Bouquet. The training that you receive lasts for one week and no coverage of losses that may be experienced are part of the agreement. Exclusive territories are assigned and are generally based on zip codes, but can be based on cities or other geographic regions based upon franchisee request.

Individuals must provide direct supervision of the franchise at all times. The franchise agreement lasts for 5 years and then renewal opportunities that last 5 years are also available. Owners, managers, and employees of a Candy Bouquet franchise must also sign a non-competition agreement to not work for a competitor for a specific period of time.

If you feel like you could make a go of this business opportunity, then the costs are extremely inviting to make this opportunity become a reality. Explore all of your options today and make sure one of those options is Candy Bouquet!

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