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Kindle Ebook Self Publishing Tips and Statistics

Kindle Ebook Self Publishing Tips and Statistics

E-book Publishing

Publishing in the digital era has changed many aspects of presenting the written word. As we progress in technology, people have come up with new ways to share information, resulting in the e-readers, tablets, mobiles, and other digital devices we have today. Here are the statistics showing how quickly people are progressing and adapting to this world of fast digital advancement.

Tablets and E-Books

The forecasted adaptation rate of tables and e-readers in developed countries is 15-20% by 2015. There is an emerging trend of users shifting balance of e-readers such as the Kindle to using primarily tablets instead such as the iPad.

Tablets and E-Readers in Different Countries

• 2010: 3%
• 2012: 11%

United States
• 2010: 3%
• 2012: 8%

• 2010: 1%
• 2012: 4%


The users of e-readers and tablets are more often men than woman and also tend to be in the age range of their 20s and early 30s. E-books account for 5% of books sold in the United States.

Obstacles of E-Book Adoption
• People prefer to hold the book in their hands – 41%
• Readers and tablets are costly – 35%
• Reading a screen tires the eyes – 33%
• People have never considered reading e-books – 30%
• The devices are hard to navigate – 12%
• The devices can be easily broken – 4%

As these obstacles are overcome, it is expected that the digital media rates will quadruple if not progress even further in five years’ time.

What readers are willing to buy online
• Local News – 43%
• Special Coverage – 36%
• Financial Business – 29%
• Sports – 27%
• Continuous News Alert Device – 19%
• Entertainment/Show Business – 9%
• Classified Advertising – 7%

Out of the chosen content with which readers are willing to pay for, 89% of consumers read only what is free online regardless of the type of device used to view it. It is determined that the book industry will not benefit economically from a switch to digital media without an evolution that entails a redistribution of value across all participants to include retailers, distributors, publishers, and authors.

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