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Types of Coupon Code Marketing Strategies and Users

Types of Coupon Code Marketing Strategies and Users

Categories of the Top 5 Common Coupon Users

A look at the different types of consumer profiles of coupon users to help direct your marketing strategy.

1. The Novice

This type of couponer is new to the couponing world but is knowledgeable about the potential savings coupons can bring. He/She has recently started clipping and downloading coupons but does not have a set organization system. As a result, the novice will have to often dig through coupons and check their mobile at the cash register, taking up a lot of time.

2. The Mathematician

This type of couponer enjoys calculating ounces, weights, and scales. They love seeing unit prices go down as they redeem coupons and are often spotted carrying a calculator, a conversion chart, and a scale.

3. The Follower

This type of couponer has no loyalty whatsoever is easily swayed by sales and coupons. He/She is an opportunist that shops only because he/she has a coupon, and after the coupon is redeemed they feel a sense of pride after “saving” money. A couponer of this category is characterized by their unpredictable cart driving and lack of brand loyalty.

4. The Veteran

This type of couponer has a set system in which he/she has an alphabetically organized coupon book and a carefully planned shopping list of what to buy and how much.

5. The Fanatic

This type of couponer is obsessed and gets a high off of couponing. He/She spends a lot of time planning out their shopping trips and treats couponing like an Olympic sport. It is common for this person to collect unwanted coupons from neighbors, friends, and family and use them to hoard an insane amount of products.

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