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Jobs and Careers for ISTP Personality Profile

Jobs and Careers for ISTP Personality Profile

Results are what every person within the ISTP profile strives to accomplish. They enjoy an easy-going attitude, but they like to take action. Learning by experience is a strong point of this group and they simply love new experiences. They are realistic and often like to take risks. This group has no problem taking things apart and putting them back together to learn how they work.


Learning by experience is the very essence of a carpenter. The person that fits into the ISTP profile tends to enjoy new experiences and will take a risk with a new design. A carpenter that examines their own work and the works of others to succeed will always be beneficial to a company. Needless to say, these individuals will always find themselves employed. With a relaxed attitude, a carpenter can laugh at their mistakes and keep on going. Innovation and new pieces of work simply flow with this profile.


Experience is what makes a forensics specialist a true expert. Through immense trial and error, they are able to determine the cause of any event. Taking risks may sometimes land this profile in trouble, but as a forensics expert, the profile is usually one that never fails to take action – no matter the consequence. Learning from examples or long nights in the lab are what make the ISTP personality profile excel even further in this career. Crime scenes do not intimidate these individuals as they will deal with it daily and will know that it is simply part of the job.


Firefighters take risks every time that they are called to put out flames. The willingness to simply jump into the flames to help someone makes the ISTP profile exceptional in this trade. They are willing to analyze situations and will take action in an instant. The thrill and excitement of the job is what truly motivates this group and allows them to excel above all others as a firefighter.

Video Game Designer

Video games are fun, exciting and are always new. When a designer excels in new environments, they will find themselves with the creativeness to make new and exciting games. The ability to try something new and innovative is perfect in this field. Analyzing past games and breaking them down into successful traits further enhances these designer’s abilities to excel. The easy-going attitude of the ISTP profile ensures that long nights and constant glitches in games are brushed off and corrected without much afterthought.

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