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How Job Seekers Use Mobile Devices in Search


Cell Phones & The Great Job Hunt

Cell phones are great devices. You can shop, browse webpages, and more. Recently, potential employees have begun looking on their mobile devices for jobs. This could be a real market you are missing out on! This article will talk about how these users currently use their cellphones, what they would like to see in the future, and more to help guide your web design, application process, and more. We will also look at the taboo subject of phones and interviews.

How Mobile Users Use Their Devices

Over half of job seekers look at job postings on their phones. Then, around 68% of these same users look for jobs online using their cell phones more than once per week. Most of these users only use their phones to search for jobs, not to actually apply for them. They may also do research on the posting company, read company reviews, save listings for later, and more. This means that you website needs to be easy to access and read on mobile devices for potential employees. About 25% of potential employees will move-on if your company’s webpage is not.

What Do These Users Expect?

While it is true that applying for a job on a mobile phone is difficult, people already see the changing tides for how people search for jobs. Within the next five years, around 84% believe people will start to rely more on mobile phones to search for jobs. Of these people, most think it will happen in the next 6 months to two year time period. This data shows that you should begin optimizing your webpage for these users right now. Delaying this process may only mean that you lose out on vary valuable potential future employees.

The Interview & The Cell Phone

Before an interview, don’t be surprised to be checked-out on social media by potential employees: over 64% already do this. In the time period before interviews, many people may be using their cell phones. Normally, they are using these devices to read job descriptions, look at the company website, or look up more reviews for the company. About 20% of interviewees think it is OK to check their phones while the interviewer is not around. Even more importantly, 10% say they actually make use of their phone during interviews in order to show off what they have done in the past and more.

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