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Jobs and Careers for INFP Personality Profile

Jobs and Careers for INFP Personality Profile

While quiet and reserved, the INFP profile is also very loyal and caring. Those that fall into this profile have very strong communication skills, but only when writing. They value close relationships and are very sensitive. Instead of enjoying large groups, the INFP prefers to work alone. While not shy, this group simply likes their time alone to concentrate and work to their fullest. All of their focus is put on the end goal and the overall scenario rather than the little nuances that tend to slow down progression.


Working alone is what an artist is able to do at all times. Being in the studio and having fun is definitely a bonus for the INFP profile. Large groups are not the norm in this field and alone time is commonplace. Looking at the entire picture complements an artist’s work as they will not be worried about the fine details until everything is in place. This allows for artists to create great abstracts and do so with ease.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers will need to be able to communicate with clients through email and put their ideas into words. Written communication is essential in this field and alone time is something that is in abundance. Groups may be needed at times, but the graphic designer that is successful will find that they spend most of their time alone. Attention to detail comes after the general design is made allowing graphic designers to produce results faster and with more precision.


Librarians are known for being independent and always there when a person has a question. These are friendly people that spend a lot of their time alone, but can also jump into a conversation and help a person find the exact reference they need for scholarly papers or for a great read on the way to work. They will organize all of the books with ease and like to put all of their focus and energy into one task at a time.


Writers need to be able to put other thoughts aside and simply type the night away. Being able to concentrate and take on the day is what a writer truly likes the most. They will be able to formulate new characters while still being able to fit them into the current storyline with ease. The INFP personality profile ensures that a writer is focused, considerate and is able to communicate their thoughts exceptionally well through their written words.

Anatomy of a Job Interview

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