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10 Vital Local SEO Tips


Local SEO Strategy for Business

Are you looking to grow your small business in your local geographical area? One powerful way to help increase your exposure is through search engine optimization, which helps you promote your website through the internet. Let’s take a closer look at how you can use SEO to help your small business grow locally.

How Can SEO Help Your Small Business?

If your company is still concentrated in a small geographical area, promoting your business locally will be very helpful to you. According to data from Google, 97% of consumers use search engines to search for local businesses. In addition, 20% of Google searches are for information about local companies and services.

Therefore, you can stand to gain a lot from working to boost your search engine rankings for your local area. Here are some strategies on how to do it.

To start, use the Google+ Local Page to list your information. You can also use high-quality niche directories instead of general local directories. For example, if you run a dental practice, make sure to get your information listed in the local medical directories and on lists of healthcare services in your area.

Incorporate Your Company Blog

You can also make sure to include a company blog in order to post updates about your company as well as provide commentary on industry news and local happenings. Your blog will not only provide a way for you to show off engaging, noteworthy content, but you can also use it to comment on local events and news, like the upcoming trade show or the article in the newspaper that profiled you last week.

Additionally, you can also use social media to get your message out. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest see millions of users every day, so you can increase the changes that your local customer base sees your information. You can put up new blog posts, company updates, and special offers so that your local fans can see you and learn more. Also, advertising special offers, like two-for-one discounts or specials on new products, tends to work well when you’re advertising locally.

Either way, building your small business locally is the first step to achieving longterm sustainable growth. By using SEO concepts, you can use the internet to help you get your name out and start building your customer base right at home.

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