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Jobs and Careers for ESTJ Personality Profile

Jobs and Careers for ESTJ Personality Profile

Realistic and traditional are two traits to admire about those with the ESTJ personality profile. These are hardworking individuals that despise inefficiency and always seek organization. They often like to lead and will be practical in their approach. Supervisor roles come easy to this group as their organization skills and strong work ethic propel them forward continually. Alone time is sparse with them and they truly enjoy the company of others. Large gatherings are where the ESTJ profile fits in best.


Traditions and rules are ideal for administrators that must look after numerous students or workplaces at once. Organization and ensuring everything is in order comes natural to this group, which further helps them with their role as administrator. Being able to handle large groups of people at once and with elegance ensures that they are able to hold conferences and provide practical solutions to everyone they look after.

Business Managers

Business managers are much like administrators in the fact that their organization plays a huge role in their success. With a practical approach, this group is able to manage others in a fair manner. Being hardworking, they will always lead by example and will not leave questions unanswered. Meeting with teams or several people at once is a comfort to this group and they seem to truly embrace it when they are thrown into the role of a business manager.

Military Personnel

While friendliness is normally not exhibited in the military, every other trait that an ESTJ profile has is perfect for the military. Being able to withstand long hours of work and still stay focused is ideal for a military person that never knows what their hours will be. Practical approaches and a realistic look on circumstances ensure that the military personnel are always going forward with caution and understand the circumstances. With organization and tradition being extremely important, this is a good fit for those that want to lead an exciting life.

Police Officers

The police officers that come knocking on doors or that give out tickets are normally in the ESTJ group. Tradition and hard work ensure that they are able to advance through the ranks easily. Practical views on situations also help greatly and allow these police officers to react swiftly when needed. Monitoring large crowds of people and being ethical are of the utmost importance to this group and these qualities are highly sought after in the police field.

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