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Instructions on How to Tie a Bow Tie


How You Can Tie a Bow Tie Too!

Do you have a formal event coming up? Are you looking forward to looking great in a tuxedo, but aren’t so sure about what to do about the bow tie? Rather than settle for a clip-on bow tie that an look a little tacky and can be potentially embarrassing, you can tie your own bow tie with these simple steps! Never have to rent a clip-on tie ever again!

Step #1: Drape the tie around your neck, under your collar. Raise the collar of your shirt and drape the tie around your neck. The end of your bow tie should be a little longer on your right side than on your left side.

Step #2: Cross the longer end over the shorter end. What you’re trying to do is create the foundation of a loop in your bow tie. By crossing your ends, you’ll create a loop around your neck. You want that loop to be tight enough where you can work with it without feeling like you’re choking. Make the tie too loose and you’ll have a dangling bow tie… and no one wants that!

Step #3: Pass the long end up through the loop. What you’re doing here is creating a basic overhand knot in your bow tie. It should still be simple and loose, but not too loose. This is the perfect place to tighten up the loop of your bow tie if need be.

Step #4: Create the loop foundation. Take the end of your tie that is dangling on the left now and then fold it over itself. You’ll need to hold this fold as it will become the foundation of the bow tie. Hold this folded loop up near your collar where the bow tie’s final placement will be.

Step #5: Drop the other end of the tie over the folded portion. The other part of the bow tie that is dangling will now need to come over the top of the folded part that you’re currently holding. Let it dangle there.

Step #6: Grab both sides of the folded portion. You’ll now want to grab both sides of the folded portion of your bow tie and pinch them together. The dangling portion of the bow tie will need to be between the pinched parts.

Step #7: Send the dangling part of the tie back through the loop. This will create the back end portion of the finished bow tie.

Step #8: Tighten the bow tie. You’ve know got two butterflied loops that are joined together with a central knot. Pull each end so that it is comfortably tight and sung… and then you’re done!

If your bow tie is too loose, it will create a gap of space between your shirt and the tie and this is not something that you want. You’ll need to start over if this occurs. Otherwise, by following these steps, you can have the perfectly knotted bow tie for your next formal event that will help to make you look fantastic!

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