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9 Ways to Deal with Stress at Work


Are Your Stressed Out About Your Stress?

Stress can be one of the most debilitating things in life that we encounter. From our families to our professional responsibilities, nearly every moment of every day can be filled with some sort of stress. If we are unable to combat the stimuli that causes our stress or we cannot find a way to effectively process and cope with stress, it is very easy to burn out and lose everything that we love.

Rather than just accept that stress will happen and that there is nothing that can be done, these coping strategies can help you manage and control the stresses of your life effectively. Start applying these tips to your life today to see how quickly stress can become a worry of the past instead of the future!

Leave work at work.
One of the biggest stressors everyone faces is the work place. The anticipation of a bad day is enough to cause a lot of stress, right? If you allow that professional stress to overwhelm you, it will affect your family. Draw a line in the sand and let work stay at work. Those work stresses can wait while you spend time with the ones you love.

Take regular breaks.
Though work breaks aren’t considered something that is mandatory to give workers in some areas, repeated studies have shown that when you take a break from a project, even if its only for a few minutes, your productivity levels will actually increase. A good practice is to try to take at least a 5 minute break every 25 minutes or so, but even a 15 minute lunch break is better than no break at all.

Maintain a positive outlook.
Misery really does love company and there is a lot of misery at work, isn’t there? Though complaining and venting is part of the natural process of coping with stress, too much negativity can wear down yourself and your co-workers. There is always a silver lining in every situation! Instead of focusing on the negative components of work events, find the best part of what is happening and focus on that.

Find a friend at work.
People who have friends at work tend to experience less stress simply because they have the ability to talk about things and have fun during the day. Sometimes all it takes to alleviate stress is the chance to have a good belly laugh! A social interaction, even if it is professionally related, also gives you the chance to switch topics and get away from a stressful problem for a few minutes.

Make sure you’ve got some tunes.
Music has an innate ability to relieve stress… though if you’re singing along with a a high pitched song, you might create stress in others! Put on some headphones, hum or sing along if you want, and wave goodbye to those bad stressors for awhile!

Here’s the bottom line: stress only affects you because you are choosing to let it affect you. You can make the choice to be happy. You can make the choice to get rid of your stress. Use these coping strategies today to start managing your stress! You may just find that your life really is pretty bright!

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