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29 Poultry Industry Statistics and Trends

Poultry Industry Statistics

Almost all of commercial chicken production involved broilers which are chickens under 13 weeks old. The production and trade statistics of this industry are outlined below.

Boiler Industry Facts

There are approximately 40 companies in the industry of raising, processing, and marketing chickens. With 29,500 family farmers with production contracts, 95% of boilers are produced on farms with 5% raised on company owned farms.

The United States has the largest boiler industry in the world, accounting for 17% of the production to be exported. Americans consume more chicken than any other nation in the world with 83.6 pounds per capita. Chicken is considered the number one protein consumed in the United States. The following economic facts of the chicken industry are listed.

1. Number of Slaughter Plans: 185
2. Number of workers directly employed: 300,000
3. Number of workers indirectly employed: 200,000
4. Number of family farms: 30,500
5. Amount of corn used for boiler and breeder feed: 1.2 billion bushels
6. Amount of soybean used for feed: 500 million bushels
7. Amount of mixed feed used: 55 million tones
8. Wholesale value of shipments of industry: $50 billion
9. Consumer expenditures for chicken: $70 billion

United States Market Segments

1. Retail/Grocery: 55%
2. Food Service: 45%
3. Fast Food Share of the Food Service Percentage: 56%
4. Wholesale Value of Products Shipments From Plants: 49.5%
5. Percentage of Wholesale: 47.5%

US Boiler Production and Trade

1. Retail value: $45 billion
2. Farm cash receipts: $21.8 billion
3. Meat production: $36.9 billion pounds
4. Exports: 6.8 billion pounds valued at $3.1 billion
5. Exports to Production: 18%

History of Poultry Industry

The following video takes a look at the history of the poultry industry in Mississippi.

Highest State Broiler Production

In the United States alone, a total of 8.6 billion birds were used in poultry production. The highest producing states are as listed below.

1. Georgia – 1.3 billion / 15%
2. Arkansas – 1.1 billion / 12%
3. Alaska – 1.0 billion / 12%
4. Missouri – 793 million / 9%
5. North Carolina – 760 million / 9%
6. Texas – 669 million / 8%
7. Kentucky – 307 million / 4%
8. Maryland – 292 million / 3%

Average Prices

– Retail price for products: $1.75 dollars per pound.
– Wholesale price for products: $74.3 cents per pound.

Poultry Industry Statistics

The following infographic takes a look at the level of antibiotic sales for the meat and poultry industry. There has been an increase overuse of antibiotics in breeding of animals that is 4 times greater than antibiotics sold to sick Americans.

Poultry Industry Production Statistics

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