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Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing: the Future Is Here

With many businesses flocking the online media for consumers, rivalry and competition has risen remarkably. This has forced companies and internet marketers to switch to tighter, more effective forms of marketing that it was there before. It is through this that inbound marketing has hit the markets and promises to deliver more returns on investments that ever before. This is because the marketing strategies do not majorly target search engines for ranks today, but rather focuses on engaging customers and online surfers into knowing the products first, then the rest follows. Here are some of the benefits of using inbound marketing as objected by outbound forms of online marketing

Audience Interests

Inbound marketing main strategy is to make people to be interested in a product, and not just buy it. This in simple terms means that, the marketer involves the audience in rich content through social media and other marketing avenues for product awareness it is when the target audience shows interest in the product, and understand it fully when he or she can decide on whether to buy it or not. This means a lot of awareness and campaigns have to be induced for the brand or product awareness. This outdoes the olden ways where a marketer would push a client into buying a service even when they did not need it at that time.


Communication is an important factor in inbound marketing. It gives the audience a chance to air views as well as comment on the product quality. This also gives the marketer a chance to identify and note what the customers want, then include it in the marketing campaigns. It is through communication when the marketer can introduce other similar products by the brand to the audience. Customers will only trust a commodity or service if the marketer himself can listen to their voices, and this is all what inbound marketing is all about.

Customer Satisfaction

Unlike other forms of advertisement where customers are sought for, inbound marketing enlightens the customers in such a way that, the customers come to you instead. Customers can only come to you if you are delivering quality marketing campaigns which have enriched the customers with credible information on why they need you. This plays a reversed role in that, instead of search engines directing customers your way, the customers look for you through referrals and in social sites. It then does not matter whether a search engine displays your website on the top page or not, but as long as the customers understand what they are looking for, and from whom, they will stop at nothing until they find you.


The motive behind inbound marketing is not to win search engines over for ranks. It is to educate, as well as entertain online surfers with rich content that gets them drunk. Brand and product awareness is the only way to win as many people as possible, which then leads to higher ranks in search engines. Proper marketing helps people understand the product, then gives them time to evaluate it before they can come looking for the product themselves, and not you looking for them. This then offers a win-win situation to both parties.

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