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Fedex vs. UPS Comparison

Fedex vs. UPS Comparison

FedEx vs. UPS in Package and Parcel Shipping

With the wake of online shopping in merchant shops and other international avenues, two companies stand out in this business in the United States of America; FedEx and the Ups. These two companies have been in existence for a long time in the American market, with FedEx having been founded in 1973, while UPS was founded in 1907. This was many years even before the internet was actively used across nations, thus making UPS the leading courier service at that time. FedEx are initials that stand for Federal Express, while UPS stand for United Parcel Service. It is estimated that, FedEx generates close to 35 million US dollars in one year, while UPS generates about 45 million dollars annually. This can be attributed to its dominance in the market as its brand is well known all around.

Cargo and Shipment

When it comes to shipment and cargo handling, FedEx is estimated to handle about 6.9 million packages daily, while UPS handles more than 15 million packages, which are mostly delivered in and outside the United States. The reason why UPS handles more packages in a day than FedEx is because it handles more than 91% of packages that are delivered in time, as compared to 88% delivery on time with FedEx. The other reason why FedEx could be delivering lesser parcels than UPS is because they take more time to package items. It also means UPS employees are swift to handle and deliver packages.

Delivery and Equipment

When it comes to the machinery used to deliver these parcels, FedEx alone uses 694 jets to lift parcels to various locations, while UPS has only 268 jets. The number of jets carrying these parcels should not lie to you, because UPS uses bigger jets that have a bigger capacity. With most of the parcels having to be transported via trucks, FedEx has less than 23000 ground vehicle to transport parcels across America. UPS on the other hand uses more than 100, 000 trucks to ship and transport parcels all over the American continent. These are mostly used in areas where planes cannot get to, and where heavier packages are involved.

Going Eco-Friendly

With the wake of global warming, the need to help save the planet has led to managers of these firms implement eco-friendly ways of transporting parcels. Ups has more than 2000 cars that use an alternative fuel to gas, while FedEx only has 406 cars. In addition to this, FedEx has majored in using hybrid vehicle to enhance service delivery and shipping of employees.

Service Costs

You might be wondering why FedEx and UPS have a large gap in service delivery. Well the reason to this is because they charge more money for services rendered than the amount that UPS charges its clients. It is due to this reason and many more why most people would prefer to use UPS, which has better services, timely delivery and charges lowly for the same services. Ground shipping through UPS is however more expensive than with FedEx, but most people overlook this factor for the quality of service.

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