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How to Use Twitter Hashtags to Market Your Business


The Pound Sign Reinvented

It used to be merely called the “pound sign” before the digital era. That symbol that was short for the word “number” has a whole new meaning nowadays. It was elevated to special status by social media giant Twitter and it is now among the most powerful tools of the digital age, especially for small businesses. A recent study by the Huffington Post tapped various sources of experts to come up with a list of advice on how to use hash tags to your advantage.

Longer Reach

Reach lots of relevant people in a hurry with has tags. A has tag at the start of a message can allow the message to update a whole group of people in real time. It can also be sued to create an instant link to a social media topic for a whole group of people.

Characterize Your Content

A has tag is used before a key word or phrase on Twitter. The hash tag helps categorize specific tweets they are easy to find in a search. But be forewarned, has tags won’t appear in a private search. You can also use hash tags in a message to have similar categorizing effects as with key words or shorter phrases.

Placement of Hashtags

You can put the hash tags at the beginning, middle or end of a message. But be sure not to use more than three has tags per message no matter how long it is because it will be seen as spam and you’ll be blowing everything you’ve just tried to accomplish. Bad recognition might work for celebrities who are looking for press tie, but bad publicity does nothing of brands except make them hated by everyone, and bad brands don’t sell.

Place on Signage

Hash tags also count for physical signs on buildings and on the street. Passersby can instantly look you up and connect to the positive feedback from Twitter that will help make them your newest customers and attract them to sales and promotions you have going on. That’s what most people are looking for when they are viewing brands on Twitter verses other social media.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Make it easy, and also be responsible. These are two truths for branding that will never change no matter what media you’re using. You want to keep it short and sweet and that’s what makes things spread on Twitter. Build your brand with a single has tag followed by the brand name and an acronym that signifies what your business does.

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