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75 Funny Scavenger Hunt Team Names

Scavenger hunts have seen the influence of technological advances. From clues given by text messages or scanning a QR barcodes at check in locations, connection real world objects with digital applications is the new age scavenger hunt. Brands have used scavenger hunts to interact with customers and engage a broader audience. When brands launch this way, they can pull a customer in to engage with them for 9 to 21 minutes per play and oftentimes get their friends to participate. The following collection of scavenger hunt team names can be used for your next event.

Amazing Racers
Black Hawks
Bosses in Charge
Bottom Line
Bull Market Bunch
Business As Usual
Cannonball Runners
Class of the Titans
Crazy Chaps
Creative Juices
Creativity Crew
Digital Destroyers
Double Dare Dutches
Dream Team
Finance Wizards
Flying Monkees
Follow the Leader
Founding Father Issues
Fraud Monet
Gadget Gurus
Giant Eagles
Gold Miners
GPS This
Granger Danger
Han Slo-Mo
Head Honchos
Hungry Bears
Hunt and Peckers
Ideas R Us
It’s a Mad Mad Team
Its Business Time
Jabba the Hunt
Killer Instinct
Look Sharp
Looking for Clues
Mission Improbable
Net Surfers
No Loose Ends
No More Medals Please
Number Crunchers
Nut Crackers
Paper Pushers
Peas in the Pod
Piece of Cakes
Product Pushers
Purely Original
Quality Control
Real Men of Genius
Silver Snakes
Sleepy Heads
Slime Balls
Team Innovation
Team Prosperity
Tech Geeks
Tech Pirates
Technical Knockouts
The Brain Trust
The Capitalists
The Concept Crew
The Dream Builders
The Finding Fathers
The Golden Diggers
The Hooters
The Hunter Games Mystery Inc.
The Mind Readers
The Mori Arties
The Searchers
The Think Tank
Van Gogh Get ’Em!
Vincent Van Garrote
Vision Quest
Watson on 42nd
Wet & Mild
Who’s on First
Yankee Pride

The following infographic outlines some of the most well known treasure hiders in history. From the famous stolen treasure ship Quedagh Merchant to the treasure buried at Catskills, modern day shipwreck scavengers have sought out missing treasures. In 2007, treasure hunters from the United States uncovered a collection of 19th century coins from Spain worth more than 500 million that had to be later returned.

Modern Treasures Hunters

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