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How to Start a Window Tinting Business

Window tinting isn’t just for automobiles any more. Homes and businesses benefit greatly from tinted windows. It’s more than just an updated look that is craved. Good tinting can help to reduce the amount of interior glare a building or vehicle receives from incoming sunshine. It is rather affordable to accomplish, the results are long-lasting, and this ultimately can be profits in your bank account.

If you want to know how to start a window tinting business, then the first thing you’re going to need to do is practice your skills. The last thing a customer is going to want is window tint that has bubbled up and looks unsightly. Get some product and test it out on your home, your vehicles, or the windows that some friends may have to perfect your skills. Consider purchasing stock glass at your local hardware store as well for further practice.

Once you can provide consistent results, then you’ll be ready to follow these additional steps.

1. Make Your Business Legal.

You aren’t allowed to just start charging people to do their window tinting. You need to be licensed in order to conduct business in your community. This means having a specific business license that allows you to do the window tinting work. Your local Department of Revenue or similar department will guide you in this area. You may need to prove you have the skills to tint windows appropriately. If you hire employees, you will also need an EIN from the IRS for tax filing purposes. Remember to charge sales tax on each job you take and send that to your jurisdiction when requested.

2. Locate the Appropriate Commercial Space for our Business.

You’ll need enough space to perform window tinting on vehicles in an enclosed area. There should be enough space to work on several vehicles at once. You’ll need additional space for supplies and administration work as well, so large warehouse-style spaces are usually the best option. If you plan on providing residential or commercial building services, then you’ll need a meeting space to discuss options with prospects.

3. Secure the Inventory That You’re Going to Need.

You can open up a window tinting business all on your own. If you have a spouse, you and your spouse can work together while under a sole proprietorship without filing for an EIN. This can help you save money, but you’ll have more sweat equity because you’ll be working and securing inventory at the same time. Make sure you have the supplies you need first, then think about hiring employees to take some of the burden off of you.

4. Market Yourself to Your Local Community.

Offline marketing works very well for a modern window tinting business. Make sure you visit local businesses, homes, and shops who could benefit from your services and skills. Speak with dealerships about including window tinting on certain makes and models of vehicles. You’ll also want to create a website that has a local emphasis to help direct prospects to your contact information. Make sure you put your hours of operation on the site so you aren’t fielding dozens of phone calls that ask this question.

5. Optimize Your Website so That You Can Be Found.

Your prospects aren’t going to want to do business with just anyone. They want to hire someone who is the true community expert in window tinting. Your website can help you prove your expertise. Talk about the various ways you can tint a window to reduce glare. Explain how different methods have different costs. Discuss the differences between residential and commercial window tinting. If you can provide people with value through your content now, then your expertise will be proven enough to generate a sale.

6. Think About Going Mobile.

This means taking your window tinting services to specific locations instead of letting people access your website through a smartphone [although you’ll want to do that as well]. If you are able to provide services in the parking lot where someone works during the day, then you could expand the amount of business you can secure. Not everyone can bring their vehicle in for a day or two for you to work on it. Being mobile eliminates this excuse.

Some jurisdictions have specific requirements on how dark window tinting may be. Check on these regulations before completing your first job. Otherwise these steps will help you know how to start a window tinting business today that can be extremely profitable for you.

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