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Books that the Top 21 CEOs Read


Here are some important points to remember from this infographic..

1) The vast majority of CEO’s enjoy reading Fiction, Business and Science books the most out of any other genre.
While Science and Business makes since as these powerful individuals are at the forefront of their industries it goes to show that no matter how successful you are, you always have to stay ahead of the game and continue learning. However, this does not explain the fact that fiction dominates the top reading lists for the vast majority of CEO’s. While the argument can be made that Fiction is a very broad category, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s popularity among CEO’s outdoes other genres.

While a lot of people think of business in terms of black and white numbers and data, in reality it is a spark of creativity that drives innovation in any industry. As fiction is a creative outlet regardless of sub genre it only makes since that many of these CEO’s could derive inspiration from these works. Look at cellphones, by today’s standard they are one of life’s necessities. However, 40 years ago such technology was only seen in science fiction. The elements of fiction today may be the reality of tomorrow and all thanks to people and industries being driven by creativity found in fiction.

2) Follow Fiction, Business and Science you have Biography/History and Politics.
While Biography/History and Politics aren’t read as much as Fiction, Business and Science they still make up a decent portion of the reading lists of many big CEO’s. There of course of a number of reasons for this. Politics specifically, as many industries both work within and build towards many political ideologies. Some as simple as avoiding penalties for violating certain laws and others for helping move certain legislation to continue to push their specific industry towards the future. The same can be said for Biographies/History. Knowing where we as a society come from either looking at history in a broad spectrum or through the eyes of a specific individual.

3) The last and apparently least read genre is the Self-Help category.
This of course can be for a number of reasons. From the simple explanation that many of these CEO’s are already themselves successful and happy people so there is no need to improve their loves as they have already achieved what they wanted to do in life. Additionally it could also be that many of these books focus on improving one’s self and hold no direct benefit on the industry and company for which these CEO’s work.

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