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How to Start a Motivational Speaking Business

Being a motivational speaker can be a rewarding career – and we’re not talking about money! You’ll have the chance to influence lives in a positive way with the words that you say. If you’ve got a unique experience to share with others or a knack to help people find the path toward the changes they wish to make, then this is a business opportunity that you may want to look at more closely.

Knowing how to start a motivational speaking business means first finding the story you can tell that will connect with an audience. You’ll need to be comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, but you’ll also need to be 100% authentic with what you say. People are attracted to those who have overcome mighty obstacles because it gives them a personal hope to overcome their own roadblocks. Tell your story and you’ll be able to relate in a unique way.

Here are the additional steps that you’ll want to follow in order to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

1. Locate Your One Area of Niche Expertise.

You might be talking about a specific subject, but you’ll be amazed how far that one niche can take you. Setting specific goals, for example, can be used to train salespeople, help a married couple repair their relationship, or help someone be able to structure a better budget. Use your education, your background, and your experiences to come up with subject material that people will find interesting and you’ll be able to share it everywhere.

2. Don’t Just Settle For One Generic Speech You Tell Over and Over Again.

What makes a motivational speaker engaging is the combination of passion and individuality that is able to be conveyed. People want to see your passion, feel it, and be able to relate to it. If you’re giving a stock speech that you’ve given 100 times before, it will be difficult to convey any of that. Focus on the key points for the industry that has brought you in and then hammer your points home time and time again.

3. Give Yourself the Tools to Succeed.

Not everyone is comfortable with public speaking. This is especially true if your personality traits lean toward more of an introverted style. The good news is that public speaking is a skill that can be learned. Look for workshops or classes that can help you to grow comfortable with this skill so that you’ll be able to communicate your message to people in an authentic way every time.

4. Join a Professional Organization.

Being part of a network of other motivational speakers will help you begin to network your skills. It may even give you some job leads. If nothing else, you’ll be able to discuss issues within the membership of the organization and further develop the messages you’re giving to people.

5. Consider Hiring a Manager or Agent.

It can take a lot of work to secure speaking contracts, plan travel arrangements, and make sure that you’re getting paid on time. By hiring a manager or agent, you’ll be able to focus on your speaking abilities first and then follow up with your representation about payment issues and speaking engagements.

6. Your Online Reputation Matters Today.

The first thing the average person is going to do when they see your name listed as a motivational speaker is to research more information about you. This is where having a fully responsible website can help you out a lot. Anyone on any device will be able to access data about you and discover if they’re interested in what you have to say. A positive online presence and reputation will generate a lot of excitement – and it makes it a lot easier to sign appointments as well.

7. Think About Recording Your Messages as an Extra Way to Provide Value.

Motivational speakers today have transitioned their skills into videos and recordings that compliment their in-person opportunities. This is a place where you can really expand your revenue opportunities. Imagine being able to jot down all of your experiences and thoughts into a book that you could then use as a marketing tool to get high-paying engagements.

8. Be Available.

Motivational speakers who are available for even short conversations or chats on Facebook can make a huge impression on people. The return from this effort comes from the word-of-mouth advertising you’ll receive.

Knowing how to start a motivational speaking business means finding a way to spread your specific, authentic message to those who wish to hear it. Think about including these steps as you design your business and you’ll be able to create the change you want to see in today’s world.

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