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6 Tips for Dealing with an Angry Customer


Every customer service representative knows how challenging it is to deal with angry customers. On a bad day, every call can end up being a nightmare. On a good day, only a few calls would be pleasant and the rest would still be a nightmare. Companies that don’t really live up to their claims or consumer expectation will have the most depressed customer service representatives as they would seldom have a good day.

Dealing with angry customers is tough, but there are ways you can make the encounter better. Practice these to make yourself feel better and to be of more help to the customers.

1) Listen To Them.
Truth be told; most customer care representations don’t care about their customers. They simply hear what the angry customers have to say and they go about their job. Hearing the complaints would be of no help because one has to understand what the customer is trying to say. That requires listening. You have to listen to them. More importantly, you have to actively listen. Active listening is making note of everything that someone is saying and also acknowledging that you are understanding what is being said. Verbal nods, assertions that you are noting down the problems or concerns and that you are following up on them are quintessential to dealing with angry customers. When customers realize that they are being heard and action is being taken, they will calm down. Most customers don’t calm down because the customer service rep doesn’t care and simply tosses the person from one rep to another, one department to another, with no one in the process actually listening to the customer.

2) Sympathize With Them.
Angry customers are not bad people. They have just been in a bad experience. Sympathize with them. Tell them that you know how disappointing the experience must have been, or that you understand that they are having trouble and then attend to that concern. Once you show that you are human and not a scripted rep who is good at being verbatim but not good at being a customer service professional, your angry customer will calm down.

3) Communicate Lucidly.
Communicate everything in a lucid manner. Even if you are transferring the call, state the name of the person you are transferring to or the reason. Explain the reason as otherwise the customer would feel being tossed from one person to another.

4) Address The Concerns.
Don’t pass the buck at all times. Address the concerns that you can address, even if it means a bit more work for you.

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