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How to Measure Content Development ROI


Measure the Success of Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing might be the future of increasing conversion rates, but how can you actually measure whether or not your content is effective at increasing results? The right tactics with your content can help people move through the “conversion tunnel” that helps them become aware of your unique brand, support the value of what your brand has to offer, and then convert those targeted visitors into leads or customers. The right content can even create a relationship that will have people defending your brand and encouraging others to use it!

Rules to Measure

You’re getting higher search engine rankings.
The most obvious reason to use original, quality content is that it can increase the number of keywords that are associated with your site. The more keywords, the more potential search engine hits. The more search engine hits, the higher your website will rank across the board on all your keywords. Over 90% of all internet experiences start with a search engine result and three quarters or people never progress past the first page of results. That’s why you need quality content and if you’re rankings are continually improving, you’ve got effective content.

Do you have any social engagement with your product?
Nearly 70% of people look to social media resources today to see if there are any pages or consumer reviews about what you’ve got to offer. Having content that accurately reviews your brand and is routinely shared through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites will give people the easy access they want. If you’re getting good leads through social media sources and are getting lots of likes, shares, and retweets, then you’ll know that your content is measuring up.

How good is your bounce rate?
Your bounce rate reflects how many of your visitors are coming to your website and then leaving without going to another page. 80% of your bounce rate will never return to your website ever again! The lower the bounce rate you have, combined with a higher amount of time per visitor spent on your website, will help you know whether or not what you’ve got to offer is being considered.

Where are you getting the best results?
You can stretch yourself way too thin in trying to get conversions. Measure where you’re getting the most conversions and then focus your primary efforts on those locations. If you get a lot of conversions from Facebook, for example, it makes more sense to spend more time creating quality content for that site than spending money on advertising in the online Yellow Pages.

When you take the time to measure the success of your content, then you’ll be able to know what is working and what is not. Spintax is not the answer to creating a successful marketing effort. Focus instead on the creation of original content and be willing to let your content evolve as the marketplace evolves. When you do that, you’ll have an effective content marketing strategy that will steadily increase your conversion rates.

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