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How to Make Effective Powerpoint Presentations


Using Powerpoint Effectively (The Ultimate Guide)

It is understood that the main foundation of a successful design is always clear communication. Nowhere more strongly does this apply than with a humble, modest PowerPoint presentation. An effective and extremely powerful platform for storytelling is provided by PowerPoint. Nonetheless, it is also very easy to poorly communicate using PowerPoint. This article discusses some great advice that could make anyone a PowerPoint pro.

Planning Process

The planning process, of course, is an essential part of creating your PowerPoint presentation. Before beginning, you need to figure out what story it is that you need to tell. You want to be concise, so you will of need to condense your story down into only its most relevant and powerful elements.

Remember: Keep it simple, list your key points and always be sure to understand your audience. The design process is the next step after the planning process. Here are three different, distinct methodologies from three of the current generation’s most highly effective storytellers. We can all certainly learn from their advice!

Steve Jobs Advice

The following are the tips from tech guru Steve Jobs. Tip One: No distracting backgrounds. Tip Two: Use memorable, short text. Tip Three: No lists or bullet points.

Guy Kawasaki Advice

Next are tips from Guy Kawasaki. Tip One: Do not use more than ten slides. Tip Two: Do not allow your presentation to exceed ten minutes total. Tip Three: Do not use anything smaller than thirty point text.

Seth Godin Advice

Next we have tips from Seth Godin. Tip One: Use bold, striking imagery. Tip Two: Do not use sound effects or animated transitions. Tip Three: Always be sure to tell a story!


The last phase of the creation of the most effective PowerPoint presentation is the execution process. When it’s performance time, you always want to be sure that you are totally ready.

You want to think of this as your opportunity to make an emotional connection with your particular audience. This means that you do not want to just be reciting and regurgitating information back to your audience.

Tell A Story

There are a few things you will want to keep in mind during the execution process: tell a story, believe in the material you are discussing, do not just read from your slides. Also of utmost importance: stay active, do not just stand there motionless. Be sure to make it about the audience, not all about you. Lastly, be sure that you understand all the technical mumbo jumbo. And you’re set!

Keep all these tips and tricks in mind when you get ready to create your next PowerPoint presentation, and you can be sure to be the hit of your next company meeting. Remember that one of the major key tips discussed by multiple people here: Always be sure to tell a story!

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