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9 Best WordPress Mobile Plugins


1. WPTouch

A WordPress mobile plugin that allows a simple and elegant mobile theme to be automatically enabled for your WordPress website. AJAX loading articles and smooth effects. Considered the most popular mobile plugin for WordPress. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile phones, Blackberry OS6+, and more.

2. WP Mobile Detector

This plugin can automatically detect if a visitor is using mobile to load a compatible WordPress theme for each. This is the first plugin that has the ability to differentiate between a mobile phone and smart phone with advanced statistics. You can image resize, automatically format content, and detect over 5,000 WordPress themes. Easy to use after installing and activating.

3. UppSite

UppSite turns your WordPress site into a powerful mobile app for the best user experience. The most comprehensive mobile app out there delivering fast and easy way to turn the WordPress site into a native mobile app with ease.

4. WiziApp

An easy plugin turning your WordPress site into an HTML5 mobile App. Compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone users. Access your site from any mobile device browser and enjoy. You can publish the app as a native mobile App to the Apple App Store and Google Play Android market.

5. Duda Mobile Website Builder

Easily converts your WordPress site to a mobile-friendly site. Fast and easy to use while retaining the look and feel of your WordPress site. Automatically sync and optimize for all smartphones. Free site analytics and SEO friendly. Works with Adsense.

6. Device Theme Switcher

A device theme switch that delivers your WordPress theme to handheld visitors and another theme to table visitors.

7. MobileChief

Unlimited sites and pages with add-ons galore. This powerful plugin allows you to create mobile landing pages and intuitive drag and drop interface. It can also take your existing WordPress site and convert it to a mobile optimized site rather than create new content. Run mobile marketing campaigns with targeted information.

8. Mobiloud

No coding required for this easy to transform app. Take your existing WordPress site and convert it to a fast mobile app for readers and customers. Creating real native apps not just a mobile site published as an app. Fast and smooth with the ability to match the platform it is published on.

9. OMFG Mobile Pro

For mobile marketing campaigns, create a custom landing page with customer QR code. Manage and deploy unlimited mobile landing pages using WordPress. Each can use a different theme with settings and content deployed straight to WordPress.

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