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6 Different Perceptions in the Employer Employee Relationship


Do Employees And Business Owners See Eye To Eye?

We all know that there are different perceptions from employee to business owner when it comes to the workplace. What boss doesn’t wish they had some insider info on how his or her employees really feel about the company? Rather than resorting to spying, this article describes a survey of over four hundred business owners and four hundred employees to see where bosses and workers agree and disagree.

1. Are the right amount of meetings being held? 25 percent of workers and 21 percent of bosses say there are too many, while 45 percent of workers and 52 percent of bosses say there is just the right amount.

2. How much influence do the employees have over the business decisions? 50 percent of workers feel that they have little or no influence at all on their CEO’s decisions. 74 percent of business owners think that employees to sway their choices at least somewhat.

3. Do you have the proper amount of managers at the company? 42 percent of employees think there are too many while only 25 percent of bosses think this.

4. Just how clearly defined is the company culture? 81 percent of employees and 77 percent of business owners think that the company culture is moderately to extremely well defined.

5. On average, do you feel that individuals are paid the appropriate salary? 66 percent of employees feel they are not paid enough. 58 percent of bosses feel employees are paid too much or at least sufficiently. 61 percent of business owners feel that they are paid slightly too little.

6. How transparent do you feel that you are with your employees? 65 percent say they feel their bosses are moderately or extremely transparent, while 17 percent say they are not transparent at all. 91 percent of business owners feel they are transparent while 4 percent say not at all.

Evaluating Employee Morale

Hopefully these statistics and ideas will help sway your decision making processes and give you some insight into employee morale and beliefs. Consider conducting a survey of your very own in your unique work place to further investigate how your employees really feel about where they work.

Keep in mind that while this survey does provide some valuable info, obviously these statistics do not necessarily always reflect each and every work place. Every work place is different and should be treated as such. This is why it could be very interesting and enlightening to conduct a survey of your own at your business.

If some of these stats surprised you, consider trying a little harder to really put an ear to the ground when it comes to your employees. It can be more valuable than you think to know (and care) how your employees feel about you and your business.

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